Wednesday, February 25, 2009

it's potty time!

Millie is 18 months old today!  I remembered that when Addie had her 18-month check-up, the doctor mentioned getting a potty chair just to see if she showed any interest, but not to push her.  Well, Addie loved sitting on it and would pee in it pretty easily.   But, she would still go in her diaper too, so she wasn't really fully potty-trained until almost a year later (although that was definitely due to laziness - once I didn't let her wear a diaper anymore, she was trained within a few days because she didn't like making a mess in her new panties).  

So today when I brought the potty out of the basement, Millie got super excited!  She couldn't wait to sit on it. I was going to give her a bath, so I got her all undressed and sat her on it and within a minute she had already peed!  Our potty plays music when you go in it, so that made her pretty happy too.  You could tell she thought she was a really big girl.  This picture was actually taken after her bath.  She was so excited to get back on it that I could barely keep her in the tub.  I'm sure it was just a fluke that she went so easily, but boy it sure would be nice to have her trained before this baby comes!  But that's what I thought with Addie too, so I won't get my hopes up.

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peter marie said...

I think this color looks good, but I'm a fan of pretty much any shade of light blue.

This picture is SO cute!