Sunday, February 15, 2009

my funny valentines

As promised, here are a few pictures and a video of my oh-so-sweet and very funny valentines.

Dance, girls, dance!  Don't you love Addie's serious "dancing face?"

If you're wondering why we have a blanket over our fireplace, it's because without it hanging there it's like we have a wind tunnel blowing straight into our living room.  In other words, it's as drafty as an old barn stall unless we have a fire going constantly.  And it's nearly pointless to have a fire because there's no wire screen in the fireplace to keep the embers from flying out into the living room, so we have to have the glass doors closed the whole time and then we don't get any heat from it.  So when we do have a fire, it's merely for the ambiance and the sound of the crackling wood.  Maybe someday we'll figure out how to put a screen in it and insulate it.  Until then, you'll be seeing that blanket.


peter marie said...

Henry loves this video!! At the end he said "Love ya!"

Asher Fanner said...

Hey Katie!!!

So I lost your blog address, but I went on mine today, and found it...yeah! the girls are so cute!!!

It was so good to see you on Sunday! Missed you again though on Wednesday...maybe Sunday again? I was talking to Jaimie yesterday, and she said she is going to try and come next week, now that stuff has slowed down...pray that she will!!!

Anywho, hope you are having a good one today!!! See you!!