Sunday, February 1, 2009


Okay, so I guess I accidentally just deleted my entire blog.  That really sucks.  At least I can still keep my blog name, but now all of my past posts/pictures are gone!  And I had just posted a kinda long entry about what's been going on with me lately.  *sigh*

I think this happened because I just started another blog - for a traveling casserole dish that I received last week from my good friend, Breanna.  I first posted the blog on my site and then realized that wouldn't work if I wanted other people to be able to post on it, which is the whole idea of the blog.  For more details on the casserole dish, just check out the blog.  But when I went to delete that blog from my site, I must have deleted my real blog too.  OOPS!

This really frustrates me, but I guess I'll just start fresh.

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