Sunday, October 30, 2011

little beggars

Trick or treat...

smell my feet

give me something good to eat.

 Yes, even Odie got in on the fun this year.
He's dressed as a Michigan State football player/fan/something-or-other incase you were wondering...

 We had a few friends over for beggars night!

I couldn't keep up with the big kids!  They just ran from house to house!  See the girls way up at the house already?

So I mostly stayed back with this little elephant.

There they go again!

I finally got close enough to at least grab this blurry shot.

Checking out the loot...
Woah.  What in the world are we gonna do with all this candy?!?
"Eat it!!!" they say.  :)

We will for a while.  But in a few weeks we'll have "Homemade Blizzard Night" and chop it all up and throw it in some ice cream.

Backing up a few days...
We made "Halloween" cookies!  

Although, I could only do yellow frosting since it was the only food coloring color I had left.  But we did have lots of Halloween sprinkles!  And these were supposed to be cut-out cookies, but mommy ran out of flour (or so I thought... after the fact I found 2 bags on a different shelf, hidden behind the rice!  Anyone need some flour?) so I had to get the store-bought dough since I had promised we'd do it that day.  Totally didn't realize that you can't make cut-out cookies out of store-bought dough unless you add flour.  So these were just round ones.

Tate gettin' a little crazy with the sprinkles.

But oh, were they good!

 And just because...

Since God didn't bless me with twins (or maybe the blessing was not having twins... not sure how you mothers of multiples do it!), I often feel the urge to dress my girls alike.  Thanks to ridiculous sales (combined with Crazy Cash... which no longer exists... *sad sigh*) at Crazy 8 this summer, we can actually afford to do it sometimes too!  

And then, of course, I have to take pictures.

Happy Halloween!  Or, er... excuse me... Reformation Sunday!  ;)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Millie's got glasses!

My baby girl's got glasses!

At Millie's 4 year well-child visit a few weeks ago, she pretty much bombed the eye chart.  Especially when her left eye was covered.  So we took her to the Children's Eye Clinic and they found that she has a pretty strong astigmatism in her right eye.  So she gets to wear glasses!  :) 

 We wanted her to really love her glasses, so we let her choose the ones she liked the most (from the cheap rack, of course!).  The optician called these "pink and purple," although the purple is really really dark, so it looks almost black and the only pink is on the edges.  But she fell in love with them, even liked them more than the all-pink ones, so we got them!

We just got them yesterday morning and then spent a few hours at the mall where she got compliments in nearly every store we visited.  So that really helped her feel more confident in them.  It was pretty strange for her yesterday to adjust to her new vision, but today she's starting to realize that she can actually see more clearly with them on.  

I think the hardest adjustment has actually been on my part.  It hit me pretty hard yesterday that this is how I will see Millie from now on ... the glasses causing her baby face to appear more grown up.  I totally wasn't prepared for that.  But she's definitely liking that part of it.  Always eager to grow up. 

Now we're just hoping that her glasses stay intact.  With all her wrestling around with Tate and Odie, doing somersaults all around the floor, diving into her bed, etc... I'll be shocked if these last 6 months!  :)