why the french title?

Since I started this blog, the big question has been, "What does une autre mere mean anyways?"

And the answer isn't all that exciting.

"another mom"

That's what it means.

Simple as that.

I tried hard to think of a name that would reveal something about my "mommy-hood."  I have friends who are "sneaky" and "natural" and "baby factories."  And it seemed I had nothing unique to offer except that I'm "just another mom."  But that seemed a little too boring, so I incorporated my love for the French language (which I used to teach) hoping to make it a little more interesting.

So, if you came to this blog hoping to find a vault of quirky, insightful "frenchy-ness," I guess I've disappointed you.  Although I am considering trying to add some more french in here and there.  I'll try and work a little harder on that.

Oh, and FYI - it's pronounced, "oon ohtra mare" 
(kinda - but with a french accent of course, don't really say the "r"s, just "swallow" them)