Monday, March 2, 2009

cajun shrimp boil

We hosted a big cajun shrimp boil and Mardi Gras party at our house this past Friday night for the young families class at our church. It was a lot of fun and a lot of food! We boiled almost a dozen pounds of shrimp (with 15 chicken breasts for the non-shrimp eaters), 90 mini corn cobs, 24 p0unds of small red potatoes and 8 rings of sausage and had 6 loaves of french bread. Thanks to Mom and Dad Brooks for sending all the fun decorations and the Zattaran's and to my parents for the tables and huge pots, and to everyone else who contributed pots and space heaters! Here are some pictures for my non-facebook friends:

We divided the house into 4 areas. The Orleans Street crew was in the living room.

The French Quarter kids were in the dining room.

Here's the crazy Canal Street folks.

And of course, we had to hide the rowdy Bourbon Street gang in the basement.

Julie and Andy were crowned the king and queen of our Mardi Gras party since it was their
10-year anniversary and they decided to celebrate it with us!

My brother Trent showing off all the bling he won during Mardi Gras trivia. I still think he was just louder than everyone else.

The girls congregating in the cold basement.

Here I am posing with all the pots I just washed. There were more, but I had already put them away due to lack of drying space. Amazingly enough, we were able to get the house back to normal in just 1 1/2 hours! Thanks to Chad's hard work. It was so nice to wake up on Saturday morning with no work to do! Well, we had fun and hope all our friends did too!

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sjwonders said...

You look SOOO GOOD!!! Hope you are feeling better! Miss you much!