Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a girl after my own heart

Shoes are Millie's new obsession.  If there are any shoes in the house within her reach, they will soon be on her feet.  My favorite is when she wears my high heels around the house.  She's just practicing for a life of aching feet.

I love watching my girls play together!  Here's a sweet clip of them playing Ring Around the Rosie.  I love how Millie laughs every time they fall.  

It's fun to think that before long, there will be 3 of them playing together!  Will it be 3 girls or will there be a little boy in the mix?  Cast your vote on my new poll!  (Yes, I totally stole this idea from Abby, but I thought it was fun!)  We'll hopefully know the gender in 3 weeks from today!

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