Friday, March 13, 2009

good news!

Ruby's scan results are in and there's good news!  Last we knew, she still had 3 1/2 spots of cancer left. (Although I've never figured out what a 1/2 spot is...)  Well, her scan yesterday showed that all of the spots have gotten smaller and one has calcified (which is a good thing)!  It was so great to hear the joy in Lydia's voice yesterday as she told us the results.  What a relief!

We are definitely praising and thanking God for this awesome news!  Of course it's easy to praise God when there's good news like this.  But what is truly amazing to me is how Trent and Lydia have been able to glorify God through this entire trial, even when receiving the devastating news that their 6 month old baby had cancer, and when she had to have a grapefruit sized tumor removed from her tiny body.  While sitting with Lydia a few times when Ruby was getting chemo, it was obvious that she was sad for her baby and what she had to go through.  But you could also tell that she had a hope that is rare to find in these situations.  They have truly been an amazing example to me of trusting fully in God to do what's best for our lives.  I can only pray that if I was ever to go through something this terrible that I would be able to show the same faith that they have.

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