Tuesday, March 10, 2009

just random stuff

Last week we had some gorgeous weather and it actually hit 71 degrees one day here in Des Moines! It was so great to get out and enjoy the outdoors without bundling up! In fact, my kids were the only ones on the street that had long-sleeves on. I felt like the over-protective mom, but they're also the littlest kids on the street and we've had enough runny noses around here lately that I didn't want to risk it. The girls had a blast doing some sidewalk chalk drawings. Sorry about Addie's hair in her face - she was too busy to let me fix her ponytail.

Millie's quite the little artist.

On Sunday the girls wore their matching skirts to church. I realize they don't match perfectly because Millie's wearing off-white and Addie's wearing white, but it was the best I could do.
Millie's eye looks funny in the picture below because I tried to reduce the red-eye and instead, I think I gave her a black-eye.
The girls sitting in the laundry basket enjoying their favorite after-nap snack - APPLES!

Well, I'm not sure what happened to our beautiful weather. It's foggy and chilly and rainy out today. A perfect morning for the library - so that's what we did! Now we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of cousins Clara and Ruby. They're coming over for a playdate while their mommy has an appointment. Adeline is sooo excited! I'm glad she loves her cousins so much!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Your girls are so beautiful! They are also looking very grown up--getting ready to be big helpers for their new baby brother or sister!

peter marie said...

I agree...Addie looks so old in that first picture. They're both so sweet.