Thursday, March 12, 2009

crazy cousins

Adeline and Emilia have been super excited this week because they've gotten to spend a lot of time with their cousins. Clara and Ruby came over Tuesday afternoon while their mom had an appointment. The four girls had a lot of fun together.

snacking on apples

crazy book worms
The big girls put on a show, and of course Millie had to join in.
Then last night Clara got to stay over night after Cubbies! This is their second sleep-over and needless to say they were super pumped about it. Addie's been talking about it all week. And they were so excited after Cubbies last night that they were running around in circles and Addie fell and got a fat lip.
Already for bed! Or are they? The big girls didn't fall asleep until after 11:00! I was hoping that would mean they would sleep in, but they were up at 7:45 and ready to start the day!

Cheerios and Rice Krispies for breakfast! Yumm...

The reason for Clara staying over night last night is because little sister Ruby is getting scans today to see what's going on with her cancer. So please remember to pray for Ruby today and for Lydia. We know that God is powerful enough to remove all of those nasty cancer cells. We've seen the amazing things He's done already! We also have comfort in knowing that no matter what the results, God is in complete control and has had this all in His plans from the beginning. But we're still praying that His will is for her cancer to be wiped out completely!

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