Friday, February 12, 2010

our story... part two

If you're just tuning in, be sure to read my last post first so you can get caught up on the whole story.

So there she was.  Boyfriend-less, but happy.  Genuinely happy.

She was having fun being a counselor at the best camp in the world.  She was seeing kids make decisions that would make big differences in their lives.  She was seeing God work in some pretty cool ways and realizing how big He was.

Then, one weekend she went to Wal-Mart.  (If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know how much I don't like Wal-Mart.... but I guess this girl didn't mind it so much...)

And something pretty crazy happened.

She ran into an old friend she knew from her freshman year at college back in Iowa.  She knew this friend lived in Michigan, but didn't know she was from this town.  She was really excited to see her old friend, but she was also very curious about the tall handsome guy she had with her.  She knew her friend was getting married that summer and this guy was not her fiance.  Her friend told her this boy was a friend of her brother's.  She was introduced to the boy (who she knew had to be the cutest guy she had ever seen), but she also remembered that she wasn't trying to pursue a relationship.  She was fine without one.

And she really was.

But then why was she hitting it off so amazing well with this boy?  For the little bit they talked at Wal-Mart, she felt as if she had known him forever.  Seriously.  She had never felt this way after first meeting someone.  Ever.  And she had met a lot of people.

As they talked, she learned that he was actually a substitute counselor at the same camp she was working at and that he just might see her some week in the future if they needed someone to fill in.  Coincidence???  I think not...

Well, that would be cool, she thought.  I guess maybe I'll see him again and maybe I won't...  But I really hope I do...

The very next Sunday night she got a call from her friend telling her that a certain boy was at her house and maybe she'd like to come and hang out.  

She was there in a flash.

While hanging out, she found out that he was heading to the camp that night too because he was going to be counseling that week.

Oh, I hope he has Juniors, she thought, since that's what she had that week.

"And I'll be counseling Juniors,"  he said.

Hmmm... another coincidence?

It was starting to get late and the girl and boy needed to be back at the camp since they were counseling the next morning.  I forgot to mention earlier that this girl didn't have a car at camp.  Her parents drove her up, remember?  So another friend (who was actually a friend from Iowa and was with her at Wal-Mart the other night too) had brought her to their friend's house that night.  She was a lifeguard and didn't have to be back as early.  So she said maybe the boy could give the girl a ride to camp.  The boy immediately said yes.

The ride back to camp was only about 15 minutes, but in that short amount of time, the boy and girl talked so much that they became fast friends.  In fact, the next morning at the counselor meeting, as they sat and joked around together, everyone was surprised to find out that they barely knew each other.  It was assumed they were longtime friends since they seemed to know each other so well.

That week was a crazy one.  Imagine a cabin full of giddy 4th - 6th grade girls who have seen this gorgeous counselor:

And they wanted so badly to hook him up with their girl counselor.

They made him "milk-carton-ring-hearts" and passed him love notes and said they were from her, much to her embarrassment.  The sound of giggling girls was heard whenever they talked to each other.  They tried to get their counselor to sit by him whenever possible and, being that they were 4th-6th graders, they weren't very "cool" about it.  They begged him to join them in a group picture so they would have to stand next to each other.

And although this was all rather embarrassing... the girl didn't hate it.  And little did she know, neither did the boy.

Weeks later, other counselors talked about how it was obvious to everyone that they liked each other.  During chapel and meal times they were constantly glancing at each other to see what the other was doing and to see if they were looking too.  And when they would "accidentally" catch the other's eye, they would smile and turn away in embarrassment.

The week was coming to an end, and all too quickly...

What would happen after this blissful week was over?

Remember... she wasn't pursuing a relationship.  It had only been a month since she had told God she didn't need a boyfriend.  Surely God didn't think she was ready already... did He?  Why would He bring this guy into her life who was perfect for her if He didn't want them to be together?  

Maybe God just wanted her to come to the realization that she could be satisfied with Him alone.  

And she had done that.  

Well, she still wasn't pursuing anything... but she was reallyreally hoping this boy wouldn't just slip through her fingers either...


This Heavenly Life said...

More! MORE!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Seriously, Katie, I "know" the "end" of this story, but you're killing me drawing out the details! More! I've got a five hour car ride tomorrow and there needs to be some good reading!! Write, sista!