Sunday, February 28, 2010

missing: fresh air

I haven't breathed a breath of fresh air in over 3 days.

This may be a record for me.

Friday, as you may recall, was the big "poopy" and "half-birthday" day, so we pretty much just hung out in the house all day.

Oh, I had grand plans to run errands on Saturday.  And with the heat wave we had (like in the 30's!) I thought maybe we could even get out and play in the snow without freezing our eyelashes off.

But my dreams were shattered when my poor girls woke up Saturday morning coughing and sniffling.  By lunchtime Addie had developed a fever of over 102 degrees (which she tends to do when she's sick).  And Millie's was over 100.  So we stayed inside and watched movies and played Memory.  

At least we'll get to go to church tomorrow, I thought naively hopefully.  I'm sure everyone will feel 100% better by then.

Then Chad decided that he wanted to start coughing too.  (Okay, so I guess that's not fair.  I suppose he couldn't really help it.)  And when the girls woke up this morning with high fevers again, I suddenly realized that this weekend was going to pass by without even a single whiff of fresh air.  Oh, I suppose I could've stepped outside to catch a few breaths, but between taking temperatures, doling out meds, doing laundry, and feeding and entertaining my babies, I guess I never really thought to do so.  (I will give Chad credit though.  Even though he wasn't feeling up to par and had tons of grading to do, he helped out tremendously with the kids.  He's awesome.)

However, I did end up enjoying some super special cuddle time with my girls throughout the weekend, which doesn't get to happen a whole lot at their rambunctious ages.

AND I did have another bright spot in my weekend.  One of my super cool friends made a button for my blog! Without me even asking her to do it!  I'm pretty sure I never even mentioned it to her.  It's kinda creepy because I was seriously thinking yesterday morning that I wanted to figure out how to make one and then I checked my email and she had already made one for me!  Yowzers!  I was very pumped.  So, make sure you check out her lovely little creation over on my right sidebar and, if you feel so inclined, you can even copy it to your blogroll!  ;)

Oh, and a big THANK YOU to all of you who commented on my "how much do you pay?" post.  I didn't realize how many of you had the same question and was glad to see many of you pay about what we do.  I also learned that I want to start babysitting for one of my friends who has been known to pay $25 for a couple hours for one child!  Anytime, Katie, just give me a call!  :)

And to leave you with a smile...
Here's to summer days relaxing by the pool with friends...  That's just around the corner... right?


Elizabeth said...

Ah bummer - sorry your girls are sick...and Mille and Addie, too. Ha ha ha, that was supposed to be a joke but it's not funny now that I read it. Hopefully the weather will be decent this week and you can all start getting some fresh air!
Your button is super cute. I've gotta figure out how to do it. Everyone COOL is doing it!
Missed you at church. Troy said you were vacationing in Osky, but I realize now he was joking. I guess not-funniness is something we have in common.

Teri said...

Who are those cuties by the pool??...and I mean the boys of course. Ok, the girls are cute also, but man those boys are handsome. Can't wait for a repeat again this summer.

peter marie said...

Sorry you guys are sick!! Hope you stay healthy and are able to get out soon.
Super cool button by the way!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

So sorry about the kiddos! Hope everyone starts feeling better and you can get some fresh air soon!