Tuesday, February 2, 2010

am I ...?

Are you one of those people who have a knack for telling if someone is pregnant?
I mean, without first asking them when they're due and being embarrassed to high heaven when you realize what you thought was a baby protruding from their tummy isn't a baby at all?

I have a good friend (L.C.) who just always seems to know if someone is pregnant.  I don't know how... she just does.  I think she sometimes may even know before the mother does.

Another example is a pig farmer I know (yes, I know a pig farmer - I do live in Iowa) who told me he could tell I was pregnant by the look in my eye.  I guess I had the same look as a pregnant sow.  Wow.  NEVER EVER tell a pregnant woman she reminds you of a sow.   I would've kicked him if I thought I could manage to get my leg high enough off the ground to do any harm.

But man, I sure could've used that pig farmer this past week...

I have all the signs of being pregnant...

*I'm very, very, very tired.  Very.
*I have to pee.  All the time.
*I haven't gotten my peri*d yet (I normally get it when my babies are 4 months old... Tate's over 5).
*I've been a little queasy at times.
*It's the time of year that I would be in the early stages of pregnancy... remember that my children are all born between August 24 and September 3?
*Did I mention I'm tired?  Well, I am.


I've been freaking out.

Here are the thoughts that have been running through my head...

"If we are pregnant, we'll have to buy a new car.  At least a bigger SUV, if not a *gulp* minivan.  Yikes."

"If it's a girl, we'll have to buy all new clothes since I sold all the girls' clothes on garage sales.  And if it's a girl, can we fit another girl in Addie and Millie's room?  Would that just be cruel?"

"I can barely keep up with 3 kids, let alone 4!  We would have 4 kids under the age of 5!  Is that ridiculous?!"

"My body can't be pregnant again.  This 30-year-old can't handle it anymore.  I don't want to sleep in a recliner again for several months and I definitely don't want to have to be pushed around in a wheelchair, which almost happened here."

"Plus, I sold all of my maternity clothes.  I refuse to buy more.  Ever."

"It's really not even possible, right?  I mean, we've used protection every single time.  But then again... look at Ross and Rachel..."

"And I definitely don't want to look like this again."
Now I can see the sow resemblance...

Remember this post where I said our family of 5 was now complete?

Well, what if God has a different idea of complete for our family?

If I am pregnant, this would definitely not be an "oops baby."  There definitely was no "oops" involved.  We have been very careful. Very.

It would definitely be a "miracle baby."  Because I'd say a 0.1% chance is pretty much a miracle.

So, if I am pregnant, this baby will surely be special.  And wanted.  Just not expected.  But then again, who expects a miracle?

I didn't want to take a pregnancy test.  I didn't really want to know.  But I just couldn't stand the suspense any longer.

I had Chad pick up a test on his way home from school.  Then I did it.  I took the test.

And the results...

Well, what do you think the results are?  :)


peter marie said...

You can not do this to me!! Post again right now and tell us the answer. RIGHT NOW.

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

You did NOT just do that! I can tell you ......your body CAN be pregnant again, YES, EVEN THAT SOON.....it's actually.....extra fertile, FYI.
Don't ask me why I know.....I just know.... ;)
Sooo...I say yes you ARE.

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

oh....and if you are.....get an ultrasound ASAP. Fer reals.

Jessica said...

I am with Abby... you CANT do that!!

This Heavenly Life said...

I think the results are that you're killing me! What? WHAT? TELL RIGHT NOW! Please?

Robyn said...

oh my word????? are you or arent you??? you have to say NOW!!!

and if you are, yay!!! i am waiting to have my fourth under four, so i wouldn't mind some company in the same craziness!!!

Mama Foster said...

oh my word!!!! tell us now!!!!

Amy Kramer said...

You're lucky I don't have your phone #..... :)

Allison said...

I say yes! Having two kids in one year (when they're not twins) is a grand adventure. Not that I would advise it, but if it happens, then buckle up! :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I guess I'll claim those LC initials! Although, I'm usually just teasing...and then regret the teasing only later to find out maybe I was right...but not always!
If you are, I think I get some big dollar reward because I do remember a short email exchange last week where the idea was passed gingerly around! Actually, if you are, I'll probably have to give you some sort of prize for succumbing to my teasing and having that fourth...boy?
PLEASE tell!!! Now I'm going to be hitting "refresh" all.night.long. Seriously.
By the way,if you are then someone else (ER) might or might not be having twin girls because I have so been teasing her about that one!
Long enough comment for ya here?

Elizabeth said...

You're not funny. If you don't shape up, I'm going to start rumors about you. And then I'll run over you with my *GULP* MINIVAN!
What is going on!?!??!

momof4runninglikecrazy said...

This is crazy...you better comment right now with the results! I know you just wanted lots of posts on your blog, well now you've got them. So you better tell soon, or I'm calling you.:) Moms of four are super cool, just fyi!

Brandi said...

This is surely one way to get people to post on your blog... :) Looking forward to knowing the answer... Four kids 6 and under has gone well for us!

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Oh - so you have a cruel side! :) Really, this is quite fun. :)