Monday, October 25, 2010

carving out time for a party

The weather was beautiful, making for a perfect day.

 The kids worked hard on drawing where they wanted their faces carved.  Or just decorating with pipe cleaners, markers and googly eyes.

Don't let that face fool you... she really did enjoy pulling out all that slimy pumpkin guck.

My brother Trent enjoyed it too.  Maybe a little too much...

My Grandpa Tunis was there to enjoy it all too.
Yes, Tunis is his real name.  He's from Holland.  Isn't he cute?

So what does a man named Tunis name his oldest son?
Cornelis.  Or Cornie for short.  It suits him well.

That's my dad with Tate.  Aren't they cute too? 

Finally, it was time for the cake.
 Poor Millie was tired all day and just wanted to cuddle with "Baba Cornie" and "Nana Lois."  We didn't find out until later that she was sick.  Sorry Mom and Dad!  Hope you 
stay healthy this week!  Funny thing is, this same thing happened at last year's party.

Grandpa with all of his 7 grandchildren.

So, we're getting our whole big family's picture taken in a few weeks.  Do you think it'll be possible to get all the kids to look at the camera at the same time?  Maybe we should start taking bets...

Hope you had a good weekend too!


Lenae said...

Adorable! Grandpa Tunis is cute :) And I love pictures of grandparents with their whole brood of grandbabies!

Good luck with the big family portrait coming up! If you figure out how to get everyone looking in one direction, let me know your secret! "D

Amy Wilmeth said...

Tell Cornie happy birthday from me! Looks like a great time for all!
Good luck on the photo! We had one a couple years ago on Eric's side. Grandparents, 5 kids & spouses, and 12 grandkids. We actually got some good ones with everyone looking!

H-Mama said...

Be still my heart... Love these pictures. What sweet memories. And, yes, love those names.

Hope the memories made behind snapping pictures of everyone. Looking at the camera. are fun, too. ;) Have all the kids say things ending in eeeeee. Sillyyyy. Moneyyyy. Goofyyyy. And a charismatic person behind the photographer. hehee ;)

peter marie said...

Looks like a ton of fun!!
Hope Millie is feeling better. What a bummer!