Monday, October 11, 2010

orchard time!

With today being Columbus Day and all, Addie had the day off of school.  Yay!  So we headed out to Center Grove Orchard, the same one I wrote about last year in this post.  After seeing Peter Marie's post a few weeks ago, the kids and I were itchin' to go!  I was quite surprised to see how big it had gotten!  Good thing we got there early enough to avoid the rush!

 The giant jumping pillow thingy was a huge hit.  They probably could've done this all day.
And Tate just giggled and giggled.
We were the only ones on it when we got there.  About 20 minutes later, we walked by it again and there were over 30 kids on it.  Yikes!

Then off to the Hay Maze!  Addie and Millie did eventually find their way out.

 But Tate and I got lost.  So we decided to just inspect the hay for awhile.

The Super Slide was the next big attraction.  Addie and Millie went down together first.
Then they each went down side by side.  I took Tate down it too, and he thought that was pretty cool, but it tickled my tummy a little too much for a second ride.

Of course we had to see the animals too.

And feeding the goats was super fun.

Right, Millie?

We even discovered the Mad Hatter's tea party.

 Is that not the cutest thing?!

And the three little piggies' houses were still there.  The girls were smart and chose the one made of brick.

They even got to drive their own tractors!

Adeline roped a steer.

 And Millie... well, Millie tried.  ;)

Then it was lunchtime!  We didn't have to tailgate like we did last year.  They now have rows and rows of picnic tables!

Trying to get a picture of my little pumpkins...

 But Tate just wanted to roll the pumpkin around.

So we tried again at the same spot I took their pictures last year.
Here's last year's picture:

And here's this year's:
My, how they've grown!

A nice lady offered to take a picture of us all together.  However, she really wanted Millie to come sit by me.  Millie wanted to stand where she was.  I just really wanted her to take the picture before Tate started getting annoyed.  I talked her into just taking it how we were.  As long as everyone's looking in the general vicinity of the camera, I count that as a success.

Good bye, Center Grove Orchard!
Thanks for the super fun day!


Katrina said...

WOW they have grown a lot in a year! Looks like a lot of fun!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Can't wait to go! Your pictures are so cute! I love the last one! That's a memory captured for sure!

peter marie said...

Looks like you had so much fun!! I love all those pictures..the last one is perfect!

H-Mama said...

Awww... that looks like a great time!! All of you look adorable. They grow too quickly, yes?

Don't you just love fall activities? And colors, and... :)

The Haase's said...

great picture of you all! You make me so excited to become a family of 5!

Amy Kramer said...

So fun! I wish we had a place like that up here in the frigid north. There's no place like Iowa, I guess!

Oh, and BTW, I love your hair long! Looks super duper cute!! :)

izzy said...

Wow this is really an awesomeee place to bring kids! So many fun activities to do!!!