Friday, October 8, 2010


It's been a long week.

Between football practices, games, parent/teacher conferences, and church activities, I think Chad has only gotten to see the kids for about 30 minutes on Monday night and in the car to and from church Wednesday night.  So of course, he's wiped out.  And when he's gone so much, that means I'm wiped out.

I was so looking forward to Friday night.  My parents were going to come up and spend the night.  And after football practice, Chad would be home and we could unwind together and put off our stressors for a few more days.  I needed Friday night.

Then yesterday, Chad found out that he had to chaperone the school dance Friday night, which meant he would have to go straight there after practice and stay until 10.  Ugh for him.  Ugh for the family.  Double ugh.

At least my parents would be there so they could help with the kids.  So all was not lost.  Right?....

Then my mom called and sadly informed me that dad ended up having to work, so they wouldn't be able to come tonight after all.


My heart sank.  I let the tears come and I cried like a baby.  I wanted to stomp my feet and slam doors.  I wanted to get on my blog and whine about how it sometimes feels like I'm a single mom.  I wanted to feel sorry for myself.  I wanted others to feel sorry for me.

And then God slapped me.

Not physically, of course.  I would be dead.  But He slapped me with the truth of what a big baby I was being.

The truth is... I'm not a single mom.  I can't even begin to imagine how hard that would be.

The truth is... my husband isn't currently deployed like several other dads I know.  I actually get to have my husband around on the weekends and sleep in the same bed as him.

The truth is... I have a wonderful, loving husband who is also an incredible father who hates not being able to see his kids as often as he'd like to this time of year.

The truth is... football season is almost over and then life can get back to normal.

So I stopped feeling sorry for myself and instead prayed for the moms I know whose husbands are deployed... or just not around.

And I realized how blessed I am.

And then I felt really stupid when I realized what a big baby I can be.


Lenae said...

I love your humility. I love that you don't resist a Godly reality check. I love that you prayed despite your disappointment. And I hope in spite of dashed plans, you're able to have a peaceful, restful, wonderful weekend with your family.

Jenny said...

Oh, and thank you for sharing your husband with so many boys who don't have dads and probably reaaaalllly look up to him!!!

But yeah, I can be a supreme baby too and lose a ton of perspective. Thanks for the reality check!!!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oh Katie...I SO hear you on this one! Dave just has weird hours and only gets home before Lily's bedtime 2 out of 5 nights a week. Plus he's been working overtime as much as he can before the baby comes and I've told him so many times before that sometimes I feel like a single mom. And I've had to remind myself SO MANY TIMES that I'm NOT a single mom and I should feel so fortunate that though he comes home late, at least he's coming home! Sometimes I have to remind myself daily. So anyway...totally feel your pain and I'll be praying for you through football season!

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Those God slaps... Yeah, I feel ya. I've gotten one or two (a day) myself.
And - I pretty much relate to this whole post. LOVE your honesty. And I do hope you get some sweet quality family time soon...

Joy said...

Thanks for your honesty and the reality check, tough week here too. Wishing you a good weekend with lots of quality family time.

Amy Kramer said...

You're right... you are super blessed, but it's still ok to feel frustrated and overwhelmed and sad sometimes. I hope you had a good Friday night with your 3 awesome, super cute kiddos!! :)

Emily said...

Okay, well, my husband IS deployed right now and I still totally related to this post. I get tired out and whine to myself about how much work I have to do and how difficult it all is, etc. Then I realize how extraordinarily blessed I am. My children are happy and healthy and cared for, my husband loves us and provides for us and desperately wants to be home with us, and I...well, I've been given the work I always wanted. So yes, I agree, it's okay to feel disappointed, it's okay to feel overwhelmed...but it's far better to give thanks, and count your blessings.

Beautiful post!

H-Mama said...

i totally get this perspective. both sides. :) ((((huge hugs))))

The Haase's said...

I go through the same emotions at times. Its nice to know I am not alone :-)

peter marie said...

I hope this is a better week!