Thursday, October 29, 2009

a super pumpkin birthday

This past weekend we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday.  Seriously, he's 60!  For some reason, this big birthday of my dad's actually makes me feel older.  Anyway, my mom had a very special surprise planned for him - a hot-air balloon ride with one of his kids (who would be picked randomly since it wouldn't be fair for him just to take me because I'm his favorite..), but unfortunately since it had rained so much the days before, it was cancelled because of the muddy conditions.  We were all so bummed, except dad since he had no idea he was going to get to go up anyway.  So we made the most of the day and had a really great time despite being "grounded."

We did a little pumpkin carving/decorating.

Kaiden's pumpkin

Lydia's, er... I mean...Ruby's pumpkin

Emilia's pumpkin (okay, so she had a little help too...)

Clara's pumpkin (yes, we're all a little concerned about the very psychotic nature of this creation, but she was VERY proud)  ;)

Adeline's pumpkin (complete with curly hair on top to make sure it looked girly)

Time for a party!

Dad and his cake.  He was very excited.  Must've been because of the pumpkins Addie added to make it beautiful!

One of my favorite parts... Millie actually fell asleep in my arms!  I can't even remember the last time that happened!

So, despite the fact that we missed out on a hot air balloon ride (which my mom did make up to us by giving us each a nice surprise...) we had a great Saturday with family!

Now I'm home today with a sick little girl.  Addie had a fever of 103 yesterday!  It went down with tylenol and a lukewarm bath, but got up to 102.4 in the night again so she ended up sleeping in our room... which meant a total of 2 1/2 hours of sleep for me.  Her fever is down this morning on its own, so I think she's on the mend.  Now I'm just praying the other two don't get it. I'm actually glad its a rainy day today - perfect for watching cartoons and hopefully sleeping!


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

He's 60?!? Fer reals?! That is nigh insanity....I would never have guessed that he was 60. Did you see that I wrote about him on Monday? Anonymously, of course :)
Ahh. Corn Dog. 60? Really?

This Heavenly Life said...

Such a sweet picture of Millie falling asleep in your arms...mine haven't done that in awhile either :( Must have been a heck of a good time at the party to wear her out!