Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a lonely silence

It's quiet here today.  That's not normal in this house.

My girls are gone.

Yup, gone.  For 6 whole days!  (insert sad sigh and frowny face)  Chad's parents flew here from New Orleans Saturday and then flew to Orlando with our girls on Sunday.  They took Adeline and Emilia to Disney for a whole week!  Needless to say, the girls are very excited about their trip.  And I'm excited for them because I know they're having a ton of fun.  But it was VERY hard to let them go.  I've never been away from them for more than one night!

Here's my very cute little grown-up girl pulling her own carry-on.

So, yes, it's very quiet here this week.  Except of course for Tate's grunting.  He grunts a lot.  Especially during church - or maybe it just seems louder in church.

Although I miss my girls like CRAZY, it is nice having some alone time with Tate.  I'm pretty sure he's enjoying it too.  He's been giving me a lot of smiles.  It's nearly impossible to capture them on camera, of course, but here's my attempt:

Come on, Tate.  Give mama a smile.  Pleeease!

There it is!  It's not his BIG smile, but a cute one none the less.

I forgot to mention that this was Papa Brooks' first time meeting his only grandson.  It was pretty special.  

And because our only complete family photo was taken in the hospital in my nursing gown, we had Chad's parents take one of us all together before the girls left:

I'm afraid Tate may be getting a little spoiled to all this alone time with mama.  But I'm pretty sure he misses his sisters too.  Especially when Millie shares all of her toys with him:

Luckily, I have plenty to keep me busy this week so I don't get too lonely.  I'm having a garage sale this Friday and Saturday (in 50 degree weather - Brrrr!) and you all know how insane I am about having a perfect garage sale!  So, it's off to labeling more clothes...

Hopefully the girls will call again soon...


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

how FUN that they get to go to Disney!! They will have so much fun :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Wow those are some pretty awesome in-laws! The girls will love it! But I'm sure they'll miss you too :)

As always, the pictures are precious. I love the one from behind with the suitcase.

Mama Foster said...

wow! hope the girls have a great time! lucky! enjoy your time alone with you little man!

peter marie said...

I'm sure you miss them tons! But am glad you get some one on one time with Tate. What a special week!

I love that picture of him smiling. It's funny how you can see some resemblance of the girls, but still totally tell he's a boy.

Can't wait for the best garage sale EVER this weekend!

Sarah said...

Oooh, a garage sale???? I'm so there! Hopefully, with all our busy-ness...I won't forget!

Hope you're doing well...Enjoy your TateTime! ;)

Amy Kramer said...

Enjoy your alone time with Tate! :)

I'm sad I live 3 hours away, otherwise I would SO be at your garage sale... like 15 minutes early, so I could have first dibs on everything... :)

Jenn said...

That's funny what Peter Marie said about seeing the girls face but totaly can tell he is a boy at the same time. I thought the same thing when I saw it. Very adorable hope you get lots accomplished this week and some great bonding time with the men in your life :o)

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

hey katie...gave you a bloggy award today :)
hope you're enjoying your week w/ just the little man!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Are your girls home yet? I bet they are going to have some exciting princess stories to tell you! Hope you had a great garage sale! I'm hoping it's warm and sunny weather this Saturday for our garage sale!