Thursday, October 15, 2009

a slap in the face

I'm assuming you've all seen this ad:

and hopefully thought the same thing I did..

*gasp* "How could Ralph Lauren hire someone so FAT to model his fancy-schmancy clothes?!  Surely this must be a plus size ad!"

Okay, so hopefully you weren't really thinking that... and to cure your curiosity, YES this picture was photo-shopped.  You've probably seen this all on tv already, but apparently this model was too FAT to show what she really looked like in this outfit.  She was actually fired for being too big.  Yes, I guess being 5'10" and weighing 120 pounds is now considered overweight.  We're all doomed.

So I was thinking... what's the best way to combat this Ralph Lauren insanity?  Here are the ideas I came up with...

  • Burn every RL item I own?  No, burning these clothes would just be a waste of money and not really teach anyone anything except that cotton is flammable.
  • Stop buying RL clothes?  HA!  That would really teach them, right?!  Oh, wait a second, I don't BUY expensive clothes!  The only RL items I own came from garage sales or were 90% off on the clearance rack.
  • March around Younkers in the RL department carrying "Ban Ralph Lauren" signs?  Well, as fun as that sounds, I don't really want to be banned from the mall, it's kinda my only way to get out of the house with these 3 youngun's in the cold months... plus, It's hard to carry anything, let alone large signs while pushing 3 kids in a stroller.
So... instead I decided on this:

That's RIGHT, Mr. Lauren!  Not your typical anorexic baby in this RL romper! (there really is a polo symbol hiding in the fold of fabric)  But my adorable, very CHUBBY little guy.
(This outfit, by the way, was bought at a garage sale of course...)



Qu'est-ce que c'est? said...

Hey Katie, That was actually my first time seeing that ad...being in another country I guess gives me an's insane how skinny the girl is in the photo. However, I think you are doing the right thing. You show RL what you're made of! PS... I love reading your blog!

peter marie said...

That is such a sweet picture and that smile is to die for! He is the perfect amount of chubby.

Yes, I did hear about that ad. I had a bad day yesterday so when the kids went to bed I watched E! for my mindless reward...awful.

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

If you figure out how to drive 3 kids in a stroller without looking like a spectacle, lemme know ;)
and yeah....sheeesh what. a .fatty.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Ahhh, who stole your newborn and replaced him with a little adorable pudgy boy? He is sooo cute!
I actually saw an interview with that model and she is mortified that her picture was so altered and is sending out such a bad message...
Anywho, I lost my waist after having the boys, so I guess there's no worry about me taking a photo like that! :)

Summer said...

That is insane.. completely ridiculous!!

Your little guy is adorable, though :)

I tried to comment earlier today on the last post you made but I couldn't. Hope you enjoyed your time with just the baby; I'd have loved that so much! Those are lucky girls to take a trip like that! I've never been... Glad they had fun :)

This Heavenly Life said...

Ha! That poor model. How humiliating to have your picture whittled down to unreal proportions and then be *fired* for being overweight. Pathetic.

But your perfectly chubby baby boy made me happy again :)

Amy Kramer said...

Did you photoshop the photo of Tate, or is he just naturally that adorable?!?! :)

Sarah said...

Katie, I love you...this post is funny AND're good at that. And, srlsy, that woman totally looks cropped out in the mid-section. :)

See you in a few weeks, eh?

Sarah said...

p.s. I lame they 'cropped' her...just sayin' so many ads look FAKE!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Wow. I hadn't heard about that. The picture looks completely fake.

That picture of Tate on the other hand -- precious! :)