Friday, October 30, 2009

That's right, I said no.

Of course I say "no" a lot to my children:
"No, you may not have more candy."
"No, you cannot put your hand in your diaper to see if it's poopy."
"No, you cannot ride your bike down the middle of the street like the neighbor kids."
"No, you cannot feed your baby brother chocolate milk."

The list goes on and on...

But rarely do I say "no" to people outside my family.

I did last night.  I had to.  I was asked to do something that I have absolutely NO time for this weekend.  Why?  Well...  I hadn't been out of the house for several days until today because of sick kids so I had a million errands to run, costumes to get ready for trick-or-treating, beggar's night tonight, training a new jeweler tomorrow, Chad's gone tomorrow night, church on Sunday, getting the house ready for our Sunday night small group, getting ready for a jewelry party Monday night, phone calls to make, appointments to set up, not to mention all the normal taking care of the kids, feeding them, feeding Tate, etc...

So why do I feel so guilty saying no?  I shouldn't, right?  But I do.  I guess I'm just a natural people pleaser and it makes me feel bad to think that someone is probably upset with me right now for telling them no.  And this person seemed genuinely surprised and annoyed that I said no as well.  Sorry.  I just don't have time.  (So, why am I blogging?  Good question...)

And don't worry, it's not any of you that I'm talking about.  This person doesn't even know I have a blog.


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

I get it and I hear you. I hope that person, whoever it is, is gracious enough to realize that you are a really busy person, not an unwilling person :)
Here's to sanity. Keeping what you have and getting a little extra from time to time ;)
Have a great weekend!

This Heavenly Life said...

Oh, I hate that. But you know what you can accomplish...with sanity :) Enjoy your busy weekend!

Jenny said...

If you said no to me, I'd still love you, and I really don't even know you!! You are the CEO of your household, and you get to say NO, dang it!

Sarah said...

I give you permission to say "no" to me anytime without feeling bad...from one busy mama to another. ;) I'm sure you'll discover how good "no" feels, once you get the hang of it.

Although I must say, I admire your tender heart...but, I'm glad, at the same time, that you were able to bite the bullet and "just say no!" :)

BTW, I did mean to tell you THANKS for taking the time to come over last week...both of us being quite the tired Mama's! Haha!

Sarah said...

Ok, did my comment sound rude, or what? "Once you get the hang of it!" Like I'M the Queen of All Things "NO!" Whatev...I have to say that it's *cough* 2:30am *cough* so my brain is a little SO, forgive me...but, I do understand the feeling when one must say "no..." I did it tonight, and felt AWFUL...because it's even worse. I over-comitted and said "yes." Then, had to change my mind b/c of the busy-ness. So, it's always better to say "NO"'re a better woman than I for saying it at all...brave, brave, brave. And forgive me for "splatting" my words all over your comment section. :S

une autre mère said...

Aw, thanks guys! I do feel a little better knowing I have some support. :)

Jenny, I can feel the love. You've GOT to come visit sometime!

And Sarah, you make me laugh! I didn't think your comment sounded rude AT ALL. Please feel free to rant on my blog anytime! It's thoroughly entertaining. :)