Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a place for everything... and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Remember waaaay back in this post when I had received that super cute handbag and ordered a Kangaroo Keeper for it?

Well, I finally got it last week.  Yeah.  I ordered it in December and got it in September.  But it's not totally the company's fault.  Apparently, it was on a huge backorder and then the company switched hands and in the mess of it all, they lost my order.   So, I finally re-ordered it a few weeks ago and got it just a week later!

So, do you want to know if I like it or not?
Well, I'll let you see for yourself:

Yes, I LOVE IT!  Seriously.  It has changed my life.  I can actually find every. single. thing. in my purse now.  And with 3 kids, there's A LOT in there!  My husband actually encouraged me to get it because he was annoyed every time he had to try and find a pen or the checkbook.  So I'm pretty sure it's changed his life too, although I'm sure he would never admit that.

Here it is standing solo:

And watch how quickly I can change purses:
Really, it is like magic.  That only took about 5 seconds.

I would totally be on an infomercial for this little contraption.

Why is it better than other purse organizers?  Well, because it's flexible so it can squeeze into even a purse with a narrower opening (like my black one).  There are a million little pockets all different sizes.  It has a bottom so you can transfer all of your stuff at once.  It wipes off easily, so it's super easy to keep clean.  And I'm sure once you get your own, you'll notice your own reasons.

So do you want one yet?  

Well, lucky me... when I ordered mine (which also comes with a mini one that can fit inside the big one), I got 2 sets for the price of one!  Although I'm pretty sure everyone gets that deal...
I gave the mini tan one to my mom and I kept the mini black one.  
But what am I going to do with the big black one?

Well... how about I give it to YOU?!
So, here's what you need to do to enter my giveaway...

*Leave a comment on this post telling me how badly you need this.  Or you can just say, "Hey, enter me."  That'll work too.

*Become a follower of my blog for second entry.  Facebook followers will work too.  Just let me know if you start following or if you already do.  And of course, if you already follow my blog, you automatically get a second entry for this.

*Blog about my giveaway with a link to this post and you'll get a third entry!  You should probably let me know about that too.

You have until midnight Sunday, September 19, and I'll post the winner Monday afternoon.
And hey, if you don't win, you can always just order your own.  I think Amazon has the best deal:

Now, before you go, I have to post these pics of my kids.  This is for you, Nanas!

I got this dress at a fundraiser craft show, made by my awesome friend Jessica!  Want to order one from her?  Email me and I'll give you her contact info!

And Tate, well, he's been in the doghouse lately...

He can get in, but he can't get out.  It's kinda funny.

Now, what are you waiting for?!  Go out and win that Kangaroo Keeper!


Jenn Jackson said...

I <3 this and I NEED this! I rarely change purses because it's such an ordeal!!!! Please Please Please!

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Wow! That really is awesome :) I think I may need it more :)
I follow, too :)

Oh, and that dress, someday I may need something like that. I'm curious for Jessica's contact info :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Puh-leeeease let comment #3 be the winner!!! I need this so badly it's sitting in my amazon shopping cart. And because I'm obviously such a copy-cat, I just ordered a dress for Cloe from Jessica on Sunday! :)

H-Mama said...

Nope, sorry, Londa, it must be comment #4! ;) This is hilarious... my Gracie tells me about this Kangaroo Keeper commercial every. single. time. I can't find something in my purse {which is often}. Ha!! She says she wants to get it for me for Christmas. Hehee...

Deborah said...

Amazing! I love it! What a great idea.

Love your daughters dress. Super adorable!

I am a follower :)

Marissa Kaye Sharbaugh said...


Marissa Kaye Sharbaugh said...

oh, and i'm a follower ;)

Brandi said...

As a mom of twin 19 month olds (plus 2 more) my purse often is more than just a purse. Because its so big, my purse has become somewhat of a bottomless pit. The Kanagroo Keeper would save the day! Pick me Pick me! :) Oh and I follow your blog too! Its great! :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

...not related...but your first car gave me the giggles! We'll need to have a game of some sort with our Moms up a Creek where we show off our first cars! Those would be good laughs! :)

Amber said...

That looks so cool! I think it would totally make life much easier. :)

peter marie said...

Word up, word girl! I've seen this thing is action. It's amazing!

I'm totally a follower already...

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Dude, I want this :)

And I already follow.

Looove the dress!

And Tate looks so big in that last picture!

The End :)

kasey. said...

sign me up...even if i am on a blogging hiatus! oh im a follower too!

Jenn said...

sign me up! Would love to win a snazy kangaroo keeper, It drives me nuts to have things all over the place! I am also a follower.

Anonymous said...

I really NEED this! I follow you even tho I am a "Nana"! You have put so many :-) 's on my face with your blog! The NEED is due to my MS (multiple Sclerosis)! "One handed digging" in my purse with numbness as well... that IS a challenge!!! I'm always looking for ways to make my life easier!

Amy Kramer said...

Yo, what's up KT?! So I think there is a great chance that I get 4 entries...

1- I am totally a follower
2- I am a mom and need more (free) organization in my life
3- blogged about this!
4- I'm a FB follower (does that count at 2? A girl can try, right?!)

And I should possibly get another entry b/c I want to be JUST like you katie. :) I want 3 kids. I have most of your old maternity clothes. Our daughters have similiar names. Your childhood best friend is my sister in law. So yeah... we're pretty much exactly alike. You have a Kangaroo Keeper, which means I totally need one, too!!! :)

NLWilliams said...