Friday, September 3, 2010

adeline's 5!

Wow!  5 years old!  Is it really even possible?

If you don't mind, I just might be doing a little bragging in this post.  I've tried so hard not to brag about my kids on here, but I think we can allow it on her birthday, right?  So, I'll just start off bragging right away...

You are so smart!
Seriously.  I mean, you were reading when you were just 4 1/2!

And now you're reading so fluently!  And you pretty much taught yourself.  Sure, I showed you what sounds letters make, and helped you put them together, but once you figured out you could sound out words, you were on a roll!  Just a few weeks ago you read nearly all the way through your Big Picture Storybook Bible in just one day!  Obviously, you LOVE to read!

Not only are you good with words, but numbers as well.  You can count to 301 (and probably even higher if mommy would've had more time to listen...)!  And just last week you told me you could do halves.  So I tested you, "What's half of 60?"  "30!"  "And half of of 8?"  "4!"  Your daddy and I were both very impressed by that!

You love all things girly.
From ballerinas

to princesses

to princesses riding unicorns.

And you know I love it!  It's so fun having a girly girl to get all dressed up with!

But even though you're girly, you also have quite the adventurous side.

Like... riding sheep (and not letting go, even though it was dragging you!)

and exploring in the dirt and digging for worms

and swimming under water!

You love to dance!
This year you got to take your very first tap dance class.  And you loved it!

And you love crafts!
Did I mention that you also like that pose?  (See both pictures above)  If you look through our pictures, you'll find several just like that.  My guess is, you saw a princess posing like that and thought it was a good idea.  :)

You are also a silly little girl!
You love to laugh and make people laugh.  Especially if you know it'll cheer them up.  You bring joy to so many people.

You are such a good big sister!
I mean really.  You put up with a lot from those two!  But you handle it so well.

You love to read books to Millie and tell silly stories and giggle, giggle, giggle!

And you're so nurturing to Tate.  You are going to be the best little mommy someday!

Your daddy and I are so thankful for your influence on your siblings.  You are such a good little girl and you're teaching them well.

But most importantly, you are so sweet.

I mean, too sweet for words.  You have such a kind and compassionate heart.  When you know you've hurt somebody (and of course, it's probably on accident), the first thing you say is, "I'm sorry.  Will you forgive me?" Who could say no to that?  

And you are so sweet because you love God and you want to please Him.  Your prayers are so beautiful.  You care so much about those who don't believe in Him and you pray daily that they will trust Him.  You also really care about those who are sick and you remember to pray for them too.  Sometimes when I hear you pray, it makes me want to work on my own prayer life.  Because you are so genuine and thoughtful.  And sometimes I'm not.

You have taught us so much.  We are so blessed to have you.

Happy Birthday, Adeline!


Nikkers said...

Wow! 5 already?! Happy Birthday Adeline!

H-Mama said...

Such a sweet post for a beautiful princess! Happy birthday, Adeline!

Blogging is like one big brag book, right? If not, I need to skim down a few posts. ;)

The Haase's said...

WOW you are so sweet Adeline! Happy birthday. Your mommy's post brought tears to my eyes.

peter marie said...

Happy Birthday Addie! She's one of the sweetest 5 yr olds I know. Can't wait to be her mother-in-law!! :)

HRH Sarah said...

so, so sweet! my eyes are teary... Happy birthday, little princess, and God bless you!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Addie!
I love that Addie *always* has a sweet smile and talks with me so grown-up at church! :)
McClain might have to duke it out with the H-man someday! :) He always tells me Addie is his bestest girl friend in class...and Carson's is Clara! Thank goodness they each have a sweet friend!

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Man - she sounds nearly perfect! :) She is SO adorable!
This is a busy birthday time for you guys! We hit our birthdays in the winter - Dec, Jan, and Feb. Apparently we had a spring/summer thing goin' on...

Anonymous said...

Dear, sweet Addie. Love that little girl! And love you, awesome mom that you are! She IS a compassionate girl. Keep nurturing that spirit in her. It will be exciting to see how God continues to grow our children in the years ahead. --Jess