Thursday, September 23, 2010

baby, baby, free stuff, more baby

NO, this is not a baby announcement.  It's just a simple fact I've noticed (and I'm sure you have too) all the pregos out there right now.  Seriously.  I know there's always certain times of year when a lot of people are pregnant, but right now it's just CRAZY!  WHAT were you people DOING last winter?!  ;)  Even in the just my little group of blog friends (and yes, most of these are real life friends too), I know of Amy and Jenn and Jenny and Lenae and Marissa and another friend who I'm not sure if I'm supposed to put it on here or not...  And then in real life they're EVERYWHERE!  Have you noticed it?

Well, if you are one of these beautiful pregnant ladies and you like free stuff, or if you need to shop for one of these mamas soon, or if you've been a mom for awhile and just want to feel hip with a new bag, then you need to check out this giveaway from

Are these diaper bags not the cutest?  I couldn't even tell they were diaper bags!  So chic.  And you could win one for FREE!

They have tons of beautiful baby stuff and the best part is that the owner of this online boutique is a mother of 3 (so she definitely knows her baby stuff!) and is a sweet, wonderful lady and a terrific mom.  Trust me - I've seen her in action!  ;)  Now wouldn't you like to give your business to someone like that?  So, please check out her site and enter that giveaway!

And if you'd like to make a baby announcement on here, I'm always up for that too.  ;)


Hannah said...

I have a ton of pregnant friends too, it's crazy! 'Tis the season, I guess.... I'll be sure to pass this along.

Courtney said...

You can add me and Ashley to that pregnant list too! :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

What were we DOING last winter? Katie, Katie, have three children of your own, you don't REALLY need me to answer that for you DO you? ;)

Seriously though, thanks for the heads up! I've actually been wanting a new diaper bag but I can't justify spending money on one since there's absolutely nothing wrong with the one I've got -- other than that it's not as cool as I'd like it to be :) So I'm totally gonna go enter to win a free one!

Katrina said...

Do you not remember how cold and long our winter was??? Thanks for the heads-up on the free stuff. I think I'll try for it. My baby Girl is due at the end of already knew that but maybe I'm not considered your "friend" in the blog or real world.

Lenae said...


Oh wait, you already knew that :) It's fun making announcements so I thought I'd jump in anyway.

Yes, four of my blog friends on my list are prego. I'm thinking about posting a warning that there might be something in the cyber-water, so beware! :D

Thanks for the heads-up on the giveaway! Those diaper bags are cute!

H-Mama said...

you crack me up. these are muy posh, no? too cute! i was told that diaper bags could work well as a camera bag... hmmm...