Wednesday, September 8, 2010

birthdays on a budget

So, as you know from my last several posts, it has been a busy last couple weeks with all 3 of my kids' birthdays, plus 5 other family birthdays thrown in there too.  So, if I don't plan just right, it can end up being pretty hard on the ol' wallet.  With this being Tate's first birthday, it was the first of many that we had to buy gifts for all 3 of our kids at once.  So, I hit the garage sales (yes, I did say garage sales - hey, at this age, they don't know and don't care!) and clearance racks to rack up some pretty sweet deals.

Here's Tate, ready to discover his special treasures.

Tate's expenses:
*Lawn Mower - $4 (garage sale)
*2 Tonka Trucks - $0 (left on neighbors curb for the trash, but they were like brand new! These are the same neighbors who threw out an X-Box 360 packaged nicely in the box which my husband picked up and got fixed for free)
*Talking Workbench - $5 (garage sale)
*Melissa & Doug wooden train (not pictured) - $16 (on sale at an outlet)
TOTAL = $25
(and he loves his new toys so much!)

A few days later, Millie was ready to see what great deals mommy found for her.  (She's the hardest to buy for since she doesn't really know what she wants and we already have all of Addie's old toys.)

*Minnie Mouse suitcase - $2 (garage sale)
*My Little Pony remote control scooter - $4 (garage sale - and to think I almost bought this at the store for $24!)
*2 puzzles - 10 cents each (garage sale)
*Ni Hao Ki-Lan boat - $3.75 (Target clearance)
*Snow White light up necklace - $1.75 (Target clearance)
*Jonah Veggie Tales movie - $1 (garage sale)
*Flowery princess tiara and matching purse - $3 (Target clearance)
TOTAL = $15.70
(She also loves them all, but her favorites are the suitcase and remote control scooter)

The next week, it was Addie's turn to uncover her fun treasures.

*Children's Place super adorable coat - $4 (garage sale)
*Castle boot-like slippers - $2 (consignment sale)
*Mermaid skirt (that she's wearing) - $4 (Wal-Mart clearance - yeah, you know how much I try to avoid this place, but sometimes I'm forced to go for certain items...)
*Littlest Pet Shop stuffed kitty - $3 (Target clearance)
*Littlest Pet Shop house - $10 (garage sale)
*Littlest Pet Shop extras and accessories (tons!) - $5 (garage sale)
*Alice In Wonderland movie - $1 (garage sale)
TOTAL = $29
(Her favorites were the Little Pet Shop stuff since that's what she's been asking for since Christmas, so I was so pumped when I found them for a fraction of the normal price at a garage sale!)

So, the grand total spent on all 3 kids - $69.70! (plus tax on the store-bought items)

So, now I'm just wondering... do you think less of me?  Am I weird?  Am I the only one who buys their kids gifts from garage sales?  Do you think that's just plain tacky?  Seriously, be honest, I want to know what you're thinking and if I'm the only one!

Oh, and before I let you go, I had to share these special moments from Addie's birthday with you:
I got to bring her treats at school (well, technically, it's not allowed to bring homemade treats, but you can order them through the school's bakery, so we ordered some super yummy frosted sugar cookies and I brought juice boxes).  It was so fun to surprise her!

And then, later in the afternoon, we went to see Daddy at his football practice and all the players sang Happy Birthday to her!
She thought that was pretty cool.

Hope you're all having a great week and enjoying some lovely weather!


peter marie said...

I think you're a GENIOUS.
It's so cute to see how little they all look next to their awesome presents. Fun!!

Kristen said...

I've wanted to do it myself but wasn't sure if that was "ok". But thanks for the permission!! I see no problem AT ALL!

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

I think you are the coolest. Ever. The coolest. I hardly ever buy anything at full price.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Well, you know I love a good garage sale/consignment/clearance I don't think you're weird at all!