Thursday, December 3, 2009

out with the old...

and in with the new!
This is my old purse.

It's tired.  It's worn.  It needs a little rest.

I was on the hunt for a new purse.

If you've ever been "purse-shopping" with me, you'll know that I am very, very picky when it comes to picking out a purse.  The latest one I was looking for had to:

*have a zippered top
*go with black or brown
*go with my new green coat
*be a color that I can live with for awhile
*not be too shiny
*have a long enough handle for me to wear comfortably on my shoulder
*be big enough for all my stuff and a few diapers
*not be too big
*not be baggy (in other words, it has to keep it's shape)
*not be too triangular in shape (with little items getting lost in the corners)
*be organized with lots of dividers and pockets
*be under $40
    Just so you know, this is impossible to find.  Don't even try.

    So, I thought I could eliminate the "organized" bullet by buying a Kangaroo Keeper.  I have not yet received this, but I am super excited!  I really am such a nerd.  I get way too excited about organizational products.  As soon as I receive this little gem from heaven, I'm sure you'll hear all about it!

    Anyway... I had put off my purse shopping for a little while because I was getting frustrated finding just the right purse for my tight budget...

    when I got a phone call...

    "Hi Katie.  Have you found a purse yet?"

    "No, why do you ask?"

    "Well, I have one for you so don't go buy one yet."

    I must admit I was a little nervous.  Did this person know all my "must-haves" for my new purse?  I wasn't so sure.  Plus, I see this person at church twice a week.  If I didn't like it, would I have to switch purses just for church so I wouldn't offend her?  Probably so.

    Then she arrived at my door with the most expensive purse I have ever owned.

    a real life designer handbag by Francesco Biasia!

    To be honest with you, I have never owned a real "designer" handbag.  In fact, I've never owned a purse worthy to be called a "handbag."  Have you ever noticed that all expensive purses are called "handbags"?

    My friend must've thought I was a real loser when I opened the purse and found a cloth bag inside.  "What's this?"  I asked.  "Um... that's the bag to keep your handbag in when you're not using it."  Seriously, I have a handbag that has it's own bag?  That is just too much for me to comprehend.

    When I asked how much I owed her, she said nothing.  Her mom wanted me to have it as a Christmas present.   Nice, huh?  Especially since after finding out that it retailed for nearly $200!  I know she got a great deal on it, but still!

    And the best part... it met all the criteria on my list, except of course the organizational part... but I've got my kangaroo pouch coming for that.

    So, I guess I won't have to be switching purses every Sunday after all!  Thanks, friend!  You know who you are.  ;)


    peter marie said...

    Who is this friend and how to I get to know her? :)

    That's so awesome and I can't wait to see it. What a fun gift!!

    Amy@My Front Porch said...

    I love your list of qualifications -- that's exactly how I am with purses! I am not a "purse switcher" so when I buy one it has to be versatile!

    Congrats on scoring a designer "handbag" :)

    Jenny said...

    Your story is a crackup!!! I'm still such a college student at heart that I still carry some form of a messenger bag or backpack.

    Katie - I have to send you a Christmas card this year!!! You're like my blog best friend so I need to add you to my list (your in-laws are on it, so why not you??). Will you email your address to me? I'm at Thanks!

    Jenny said...
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    Jenny said...

    One of my comments was removed by me because somehow it was a duplicate. I didn't want to look dumb, but now I look dumber because it looks like I said something stupid and then renigged on it. Oh forget it.

    The Sneaky Mommy said...

    I spotted that designer bag at is lovely! :)