Monday, December 14, 2009

weekend update

Let me warn you...

Lots of pictures of cute kids to follow...

Brace yourselves...

A true chef always samples her work.

Tate has really gotten into the Christmas spirit.

Okay... maybe not.

He sure is cute though, isn't he?

Nana and Baba came for the weekend.  Addie and Millie had a ton of fun making cut-out cookies with Nana Lois!

We found this sad and lonely little reindeer sitting on our hearth.

So we sent the elves to cheer him up!


Tate's all dressed up and ready to go to church!

The girls had their Christmas program Sunday night.  Addie's in the front row, second from the right in the black/white plaid dress and red tights.  She did wonderfully.  We don't have a picture of Millie here - it's on my parents' camera, but she was super cute too.  Even though all she did was stand very still.  :)
(Notice how the kids' eyes are glowing in these pictures?  No, it's not a special effect I wanted to try... it's the results of a very old digital camera... but I heard word of a new one coming our way very soon...!)

This morning we decided to tackle the Gingerbread House.  Notice the kit?  There was no way I was going to make one from scratch.  That's what kits are for, right?!
(Also notice Addie's wearing a dress.  She would wear a dress 24/7 if I let her.  This one just happens to be too short for church, so we let her wear it around the house.)

We thought it looked better without the chimney, so of course we had to eat it (plus several of the decorations...)

The finished product - even better than the picture on the box!  :)

Daddy took Addie out on a date tonight to see The Princess and the Frog.  She was super-duper excited!

And Millie wasn't jealous at all...  She got the stage All. To. Her. Self.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well!


Elizabeth said...

GREAT Pictures! Millie's personality really comes out in those pictures. My faves are you and Tate and Chad and Addie on "date night". You guys are all so photogenic. I cracked up at the sad reindeer pic and Tate NOT really loving his Christmas onesie. He's such a handsome little dude. Isn't it awesome to have two sets of grandparents that love your children and do all kinds of special things with them!?!? Such sweet memories!

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

So cute. Does Nana Lois want to come make my cookies, too?
I kid, I kid :)

peter marie said...

That picture of you and Tate is to die for! So cute.

Fun pictures! And cool gingerbread house. I think I'm going to stock up on those when they go on clearance and do them all winter long....

This Heavenly Life said...

Oh, Tate crying in his getup is too, too sad :) And adorable! You guys had a fun weekend!

Did Addie like the movie? I want to take Mia to see it (it would be her first movie theater visit) but I wanted to make sure it wouldn't be too scary in parts. She won't watch the little mermaid because Ursula scares her :/

une autre mère said...

Sarah - Addie did like the movie (it was also her first one in a theater!), but she did say it was a little scary. She too wouldn't watch The Little Mermaid until just a few months ago, but now it's her fave! On any given day in our house you'll hear us belting out "Part of that World" or "Kiss the Girl." It's so fun to have daughters who like the same movies I liked as a kid (okay, so I was in high school...) Anywho... if she's scared of Ursula, then she might want to wait a little longer for this one too... Chad said there's actually "demon-type things" in it.