Tuesday, August 24, 2010

little man Tate

To my sweet baby Tate

A year ago today I woke up and knew I would get to meet you very soon.  I was so excited!  I couldn't wait to finally meet this overly active little baby who liked to perform flips in my belly (much to the dismay of the doctors) and forced my belly to stick out so far that people stared at me like I was a circus sideshow, causing several to ask, "Are you sure you're not having twins?"

It was a beautiful birth.  My best one yet.  I'll never forget the moment I first laid eyes on you.  You were so beautiful.  I mean so beautiful that I couldn't take my eyes off of you.  It was love at first sight for this elated mama.

And I could see in your daddy's eyes that he felt the same way.

And of course, your sisters were proud as peacocks.

Throughout this year you have developed so much personality.

When you're tired, you bury your face in anything soft you can find.  I love it when it happens to be my face or my neck.  Unfortunately, it only lasts for a few seconds.

When I give you your nighttime bottle, you reach for my hair to run your fingers through it.  And when you're really tired, you pull it to your face and close your eyes.  Love that.

When I lay you down in your crib, the first thing you do is pull your soft blankie to your nose.

And when you wake up in the morning, you're full of smiles and giggles.  You are the happiest baby I know.

And you are definitely ALL BOY.

You love to throw stuff, and you have a good arm.  It's really cute when it's your nerf football or something soft.  And I love it when you throw something far and then raise up both arms, squeal, and land on your hands to crawl after it as fast as you can.  But sometimes, when it happens to be a hard toy or your food, it's not so cute.  But it sure makes you laugh.

You love to tackle.  Your sisters can take it now, but I'm afraid that in a few more years they might not think it's so much fun.  Good thing you have Odie.

You love your dog.  And he loves you.  You love to tackle him and you giggle like crazy when he sniffs your neck.  I think you two are going to be best buds.

You love to climb.  Everything.  You recently even climbed to the very top of your sisters' bunk bed ladder.  Which is why the ladder is now under the bed.  I'm afraid that trips to the ER are looming in your future.

You love to laugh.  Like I said, you are the happiest baby I've met, and it's so easy to make you laugh.  I wish I could bottle up your laugh and hear it whenever I want.  But I guess that's what video cameras are for.

You have given us such a wonderful, happy year.  We love you so much, Tate.

Happy First Birthday!


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Tate! That first year went so fast. He is such an adorable little boy!

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday, Tate! Wow - you look a LOT like your Daddy in that first picture. Can't believe it has already been a year. I still remember coming to see you and my kids were SO loud! And Chad kept leaving YOU to get my little boys graham crackers. Ryan was wearing my necklace....ah memories. And there was sweet little Tate, so quiet, so good, so cute!!! You were a doll then....and you're just a handsome little toddler now! Have a special day!

Lenae said...

I didn't realize our little guys are so close in age (Noah's birthday is Sept. 14)! Tate is a cutie pie -- I just love those big blue eyes and wide smile!

Lenae said...

P.S. You might be one of the cutest prego ladies I have ever seen! Seriously, big belly and all, you were adorable!

peter marie said...

Happy Birthday Tate!! What a sweet little boy, and absolutely adorable!

This Heavenly Life said...

Happy Birthday, little Tate!

And I second Lenae: You were ADORABLE with that pop-out belly! Are you QUITE sure you're done having babies?!