Sunday, August 8, 2010

fairy wonderland

I was blessed with the presence of fairy princesses in my home yesterday.  9 of them!  
And yes, I do realize the birthdays in my home don't happen for a few more weeks, but this was not a birthday party.  It was just for fun!

Knowing such beauty would soon arrive, we beautified our home the best we could.
The door hinted at a craft to be made later on...

Tiaras and wings were hung by the door for the little fairies to choose their very own.

Flowers and balloons were strategically hung.

A bluebird hovered over her nest of party favors.

Chairs were adorned with bows and flowers.

Tulle filled with flowers and butterflies was hung from the deck (although the wind soon had it's way with it, making it completely uncontrollable).

A watermelon house was even made incase some smaller fairies decided to join us.  Adeline decorated this completely by herself!

And my little fairy princesses waited patiently for the rest of the fairies from Addie's Sunday School class to arrive.

Even mama was excited.  Perhaps even more excited than anyone!  You can't really tell here, but I had my very own fairy wings on too.
I am the fairy queen, you know...

Finally all the little fairy princesses arrived and we got our party off to a fun start...

... with an easy tiara frame craft (found on clearance at Target for 25 cents each!).  It's always good to start with easy.

Next the fairies floated around the yard in search of the golden nuggets that the fairy king (a.k.a. Chad... hee hee) had scattered about.

The golden nuggets were all found!  And their reward - CANDY!  You're welcome, fairy moms... ;)

Now let's try getting another picture of those beautiful faces...
Almost successful!  :)

After all that hunting, these fairies were hungry!
And maybe a little silly...

But what do fairy princesses eat, you ask?
Why, fairy cakes (oreo balls), sugar cookies (thanks, Abby!), flower and butterfly sandwiches, and frozen pineapple flower pops, of course!

These turned out so cute, they were worth getting a close-up of, even if they were a little frosty!
Hint:  Eat these while frozen, because when they start to melt, they fall apart quickly, making for a sticky, yummy mess!

We ended with another craft.  This time a little more complicated, but these fairies were definitely smart enough and creative enough to pull it off!

Wish I had a cute picture of them all with their fairy craft, but alas, I was too busy changing Tate's diaper blowout to catch them all before they scattered around the yard to play.

I will say a HUGE thank you to my super wonderful Chad, who ran around like a crazy man while I requested everything from scissors and tape to tying ribbons to scattering gold.

And also, thank you Family Fun magazine for all your fun ideas!  I LOVE this magazine!  Makes my job of coming up with creative ideas MUCH less stressful!  :)

And, of course, thank you to all the beautiful fairy princesses who made our day extra special!  You were all so much fun!


H-Mama said...

you are such a fun, creative mama! a fairy party 'just because'? {shhh... don't tell my girls}

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

The sweetness is killin me!! I love it! Maybe I could get at least one of my boys to don fairy wings...

PS - umm.. you are pretty much amazing. Just sayin'.

peter marie said...

What a fun party! Looks like the girls had a blast and all your decore is just adorable.
You're a goooood mama!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

So cute!!! You are like the golden child of Family Fun! What a special party with awesome memories made for your little sweeties!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I officially dub you the most funnest mom EVER :)

Would you mind sharing where you found the fairy wings? I've been looking for some for Lily's Halloween costume and haven't been able to find any!

P.S. Hearing Chad called the "fairy king" made me giggle :)

The Haase's said...

you are amazing!! Even your daughter is a better decorator than I am!! LOL
PS I really enjoyed the jewlery party the other night. thanks for the invite!!

une autre mère said...

Aww shucks, you guys are too sweet! But does it make me less of a good mama if I confess I selfishly love to plan parties and will jump at any chance to do so? So, yes... Addie asked for this party, but really, I was waiting for her to. ;)

Amy - I got the wings at the Dollar Tree, but they're not there anymore. However, if orange would work for Lily's costume, you can totally have a pair of ours. That's the only color we have left! Just let me know!

This Heavenly Life said...

Oh my gosh! This looks like so much fun! I'm dreaming of doing one here, if only it weren't hot enough to kill all the fairies...


Love your fairy party!

alihsee said...

This looks like it would have been so much fun! You are so creative.. I love the idea of the frozen pineapple flowers!