Friday, August 20, 2010

shout out

Rarely do I call customer service and have a pleasant experience.

Yesterday I did.

You see, we have this stroller.

It was a gift from Chad's parents when Millie was born.  And we LOOOOVE it!  It maneuvers so well, and it can actually be converted to a normal double stroller too, with 2 regular seats like this:
Cool, huh?

But I've been tearing up the house trying to find the front tray.  We took it off when Tate was born to put in the piece to hold the infant carseat.  And I haven't seen that tray since.  Now that Tate likes to snack, that tray is vital for even attempting uneventful shopping experiences or long walks.

I was desperate.  Willing to pay almost anything to get a replacement.

So I called One Step Ahead and asked them how much it would cost to replace it.  And guess how much they were going to charge me?  $15, you think... maybe $25?  Well, that's what I thought.  But it's actually costing me NOTHING!  They're sending me a new one for absolutely FREE even though it was my own fault!  

Now I'd say that's pretty incredible.

Have you ever had a good customer service experience?  If so, I think those companies deserve a shout-out, don't you?


Katrina said...

We have that stroller sitting in Z's room ready for the baby to come so we can use it. :) I'm glad that you had a good time with them.

Elizabeth said...

We have that stRoller too (just like your "stoller" though - ha ha, I couldn't resist) and LOVE it. Maybe I should just call and premptively ask for a new's only a matter of time before I lose/destroy ours :) Happy to see that there are still some generous and nice customer service centers out there!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I think One Step Ahead is just an awesome overall company! We bought a super cool diaper backpack for the boys and it had a small defect. The customer service was so amazing! They instantly shipped a new one to us at no charge. When a small seam came apart a year later, they shipped another one for free and said they would continue to replace it for as long as we used it, if a problem occurred! Well worth the slightly higher prices to know items have such an awesome liifetime guarantee!!!

Amy Kramer said...

Awesome job on giving them a shout out. Customer service is really lacking these days, and if I complained about each rotten experience I've had, I'd be complaining constantly! It's good to give them a compliment when they do something good. When I call a restaurant or ask to talk to the manager to "tell on someone that was good", it really catches them off guard to get a compliment- prob b/c they're so used to getting grief! :)

Emily said...

Oh wow, that's really fantastic! Our stroller didn't even come with a tray and to buy one a la carte would cost a fortune. What did you say the brand was again? I love double strollers that keep the seats in tandem!