Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ready or not

I'm definitely not.

She definitely is.

Ready, that is.

Our sweet little Adeline is starting kindergarten tomorrow.
All-day kindergarten.  It's the only option here.

This change is pretty significant for us.  Addie never attended preschool because it's pretty pricey here in our town, so I just taught her at home.  And since she's at church for several hours at least two, and sometimes three times a week, I figured she's been socialized pretty well.  She makes friends easily, so I'm not worried about that.  And I'm not worried about the educational part (she's been blessed with her daddy's brain).

I guess what I'm mostly worried about is what she'll be picking up from the other kids.  I don't want her growing up too quickly.  One of her 6-year-old friends has already been asking her what she knows about Hannah Montana, High School Musical and Harry Potter.  "Nothing," she replies to my relief.  Not that there's anything wrong with those shows, but she's so young - she doesn't even turn 5 for a few more weeks!  I've been glad so far that she hasn't mentioned wanting Hannah Montana shirts.  In fact, up until recently, she was still referring to her as "Hannah Banana."

So, when she picked out this backpack,
I first thought, "Really?  Disney Princesses?  Wouldn't a cutesy print or something without licensed characters be less tacky?"  But then I stopped and remembered that her 6-year-old friend had a High School Musical backpack, and I kept my mouth shut.

She can pick out the Disney Princess backpack for the next several years if she wants... but I'm afraid she's not going to want to.

I know I shouldn't be worried.  Chad and I both feel that public school is where God wants our children.   And we know that He has them in His hands.  I just need to trust Him more.  And I need to remember that the most important lessons are learned at home and make sure that we equip her with Biblical truths so she will know what's right and wrong.

But we're sure going to miss her during the day.

Especially this little girl.

Yesterday morning, I heard Addie tell her sister, 
"Things are gonna change now, Millie."

Yes.  Yes they are.

Ready or not.


peter marie said...

I know she'll have an awesome time, but I'll be thinking about you a lot (because I'm sure it won't be quite so awesome for you)
If you need to do some retail theraopy...I'm so there!

Lenae said...

Your girls are so cute! And I agree- Disney princesses definitely beat High School Musical :)

Hope her first day goes well!!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I'll be praying for you, too, Katie! A special, sentimental day ahead!
We've just been amazed at the hedge of protection God has placed around Cloe! I'm constantly probing for things she's picked up...so far, the "s" word is still "shut up" (phew!) and she unashamed of sharing Jesus with her friends! Praying that God will keep our children pure and shining as lights for Him!!!

Amy Kramer said...

Carsen is only 3 1/2, but your post still made me tear up, thinking about kindegarten.
I wonder who will shed more tears tomorrow... mommy or Millie. :(

H-Mama said...

all day Kindergarten. bless your heart, mama. (((hugs)))

we're with you on the teeny-bopper stuff. we put an end to those shows in our house several months ago... because well, they deal with some teeny bopper stuff and our girls are just 8 and 10. ;)

and addie's comment? kleenex?

your girls are precious! seriously. too cute! hope she has tons of fun!

Emily said...

Oh, I know *exactly* how you feel. Katherine starts kindergarten in two weeks and I'm so NOT ready! She is, of course, but...I need another year!

I hope it goes well for you guys! Good luck!

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Ahhhh! My Jay starts all day kindergarten in three weeks. Wow are we in for some adjustments around here too.
We also really feel that public school is where God is leading - and honestly it was kind of nice to read this post, because there are so many strong opinions around me about homeschooling, private school etc - and it's jsut nice to know we are not alone in our choices.
Thinking of you guys today!!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Prayed for you this morning!

I'm not gonna lie...I almost couldn't read this because thinking about Lily reaching that milestone already makes me teary eyed. Let us know how the first day went -- I can't wait to see pictures of her in that adorable dress!