Thursday, January 7, 2010

what we found... under our tree

Okay, I'm finally doing it.  My blog friend Sara at This Heavenly Life has been challenging her readers to link up to her on Thursdays for "What We Found at the Library."  However, this time she's blogging about what books they got for Christmas.  Since we got so many great books for Christmas, I thought I'd link up with her today.

Here are just a few of our faves:

Millie's Marvelous Hat, by Satoshi Kitamura

Of course we had to get this book for our little Millie, especially since Addie has a couple of books about Adeline.  It's beautifully illustrated and is a quaint little story about a girl, named Millie of course, who has a wonderful imagination and inspires others around her to use their imaginations as well.  Millie LOVES having this read to her!

 The Digging-est Dog, by Al Perkins, illustrated by Eric Gurney

This was Chad's favorite book as a little boy, so his parents got it for Addie this year.  It's fun reading a book that he enjoyed so much as a little boy and seeing the girls really enjoy it too.  I'm sure this may be a favorite in our household as well - especially since there's been talking about a puppy maybe coming our way this spring... SHHH!  That's our little secret.  ;)

Let's Play, by Little Tykes

Okay, so this book doesn't really have an author, so there's really not much of a story, but this little gem from my parents has been a big hit.  They put a picture of Millie on the back page so it shows up throughout the entire book with her in different outfits.  Very cute.

Dick and Jane

You really can't go wrong with these classics.  My in-laws got a few of these books for Addie earlier this year and she was able to sound out the words and actually read them!  We only had a few little ones, so for Christmas they got her some big ones full of stories that she can use to tackle reading.  We use these for our "pre-school" time and I really like them because they introduce just a few new "sight" words at a time (that are hard to sound out) and use repetition to help the kids remember them.

Little Miss Chatterbox and Little Miss Shy, by Roger Hargreaves

This series was one of my favorites when I was little.  I loved how extreme the characters were, but were still so lovable.  We got these for our own little miss "chatterbox" and miss "shy."  Millie likes to tote them around because they're nice and little and Addie has already requested to get the rest of the series.  I love reading books to my girls that I remember reading myself.

Well, there it is, just a few of new books we've added to our ever-growing collection.  Have you gotten any good ones lately?

Also... before you go... please read my last post and comment on a good place for a little vacation - I've only gotten two suggestions so far (they're both good, of course), but I'd like some more ideas too!  :)


Lenae said...

Ha, I was a "Little Miss Chatterbox" when I was little too :)

Emily said...

These books look great! I think The Digging-est Dog might go over well at my house too--thanks!

This Heavenly Life said...

I'm so glad you're joining in today! Milli's Marvelous Hat sounds like something my girls would enjoy -- I love finding new suggestions this way!

Elizabeth said...

Fun post! So I had a dream last night that I authored a childrens book series titled "Militant Millicent" (I don't even know how to spell that name...I called her Mille in the book). It was a huge hit. Tell Millie to think about going into business with me. I'll go post something about your vacation spot.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Those are great books! I love seeing what others are reading!