Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Are you over Christmas?

Probably, being it is the 5th of January.
However, I've been busy so you'll just have to make room for a few more Christmas images.

We started out on Christmas Eve building a snowman. When I say "we," I really mean Chad and the girls. Tate and I were snuggled up inside all cozy and warm.

They went with a 2-faced snowman this year. Addie wanted us to be able to see it from inside our house, but we also wanted to make sure it greeted passers-by.

Chad was ready for lunch.

Have I ever mentioned that we like traditions in our house? Well we do. Here are just a few we partake in...

Christmas Eve Hamballs!

Woah! Who's that crazy albino lady?

After dinner the kids got to open up one present...
matching jammies!

Then we snuggled up to watch our Christmas Eve movie:

We bought it in 3-D this year, although about half-way through we decided we liked it better in 2-D.
Of course we had to indulge in hot chocolate and popcorn too!

Christmas morning, the kids ran downstairs to see what had happened over night.

Millie loved her new book!

Tate even got a little truck, and looks like he already knows how to play with it.

Addie's favorite gift was...

Really... who needs lessons?

After opening presents, we gathered for our Christmas Morning Monkey Bread (which we made the night before while the hamballs were in the oven). We lit candles and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Then Daddy read "The Light of Christmas," an awesome Christmas book that not only tells of the birth of our Savior, but why he came - in a kid-friendly rhyming way, of course. :)

After our family festivities, we looked outside and saw snow and ice covered streets.
Hmmm... we thought... probably shouldn't make the 70-mile trek to Nana and Baba's house.
Yeah right!
We just took it nice and slow and were able to make it there in time for a delicious meal with the whole family. Of course, it was a little loud, what with 7 kids age 4 and under!

Unfortunately, all of the pictures of mine and Chad's family celebrations are on our parents' cameras, so you'll just have to put up with videos.

Five of the seven gave us our own personal concert.

Tate had fun laughing at Nana Lois.

Millie and Baba had a ho-down.

The day after Christmas, Chad's family traveled all the way from Northern Michigan to stay with us for the week.

Tate got a lot of attention, of course!

I've had fun reading all of your Christmas posts.  Sorry mine was so late in coming!

Oh, and Happy New Year!


Breanna said...

Oh, superneat! We do the Christmas-Eve-jammie tradition, too! Also: a big thumbs up to Cornie on the banjo music.

peter marie said...

Looks like you guys have had a blast! I love all of your traditions too. So fun!

I like you in your glasses...you should wear them more often! But I totally thought it was our dear friend, Liz R. when I saw it and I thought, "what in the world is Liz R doing with your husband and your children on Christmas?"

Elizabeth said...

First, I'm totally flattered that someone thought I was cute like you in your snazzy glasses. I really like them - you should wear them!
I LOVED the pictures - what a great Christmas. You are so blessed - sweet, happy, healthy, chunky (well, just Tate), smiling, children and family. I love Christmas traditions.
Why haven't you blogged about your best New Years Eve ever?

Jenn said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! I loved seeing all of your traditions. And Tate has a super cute little laugh!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

A two faced snowman! I love it!

I've been looking for a good {Biblical} Christmas book for awhile now -- mentally filing away "The Light of Christmas" for next year...