Monday, January 25, 2010

we revolted

Yes, with the help of my parents and my brothers' families, we revolted against winter this weekend.

We donned our swimsuits in January.

Sorry you have to see me in my swimsuit, but it's the only picture I have of Tate in his and it was his first time swimming!  I even tried to crop me out, but then it seemed to focus even more on parts I'm not too proud of...

We splashed around with our cousins.

We held their hands.

We took on the fiercest of waterslides...

with a smile...

and on our tummies!

We rode fish...

and turtles!

We snuggled with Nana.

We braved the waters with Baba.

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of this.  But just picture my dad and a timid little Millie walking hand-in-hand through the little pool.  She got braver with each step.  It was precious.  Trust me.

We lounged in a hot tub.

We stayed in an amazing cabin.

although ours was covered with snow...
(picture taken from Honey Creek's website)

And we enjoyed good meals together.

without even so much as a scream from any of the 7 children!

So take that, winter!  
You can keep your cold, icy, desolate wintery-ness.  
We're going to have fun anyway.

Thanks, Mom and Dad for the fun weekend away!
And thanks, Honey Creek, for being so cool.


Emily said...

Wow! That place looks *amazing*. Glad you had such a fun weekend away!

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Jealousy is still a sin - so I am fighting it. Fight. Fight.

This winter has just seemed so long. And cold.

Looks like so much fun!

Also, let me just say - you look crazy amazing. You just had a BABY??? Crazy.

peter marie said...

FUN! Glad you guys had a good time and a nice little break from this disgusting weather!

Mama Foster said...

wow! that looks like so much fun! thanks for posting the link!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Whatever Katie -- you look fantastic in your swimsuit!

Right now as I'm typing this my feet are cold and my hands are cold and I'm soooo wanting a dip in that hot tub I saw.

Amy Kramer said...

I agree with Wendi...

I am *NOT* jealous that you had a fun winter get-a-way with a bunch of family.

I am *NOT* jealous that you look superbly fantastic in your swimsuit

Let me say again that I am *NOT* jealous that you look so good after having THREE kids.

Well, ok... maybe I am... a little....

Fine... A LOT!!! :)

CUTE swimsuit by the way! Can I ask where you got it? I've been searching for one for this week-end and can't find one that I like. I've tried Kohl's, Target and Old Navy. And I'm out of time to buy one on-line. Do you think it would be acceptable to wear my sweat suit in the pool?!?! :)

une autre mère said...

Amy - thanks for the compliment on my suit! I actually bought it six years ago when my friend found an amazing deal on some DKNY suits. But since I've been pregnant 3 out of those 6 summers, it still feels like new! It had a strap to help keep it up, but I lost it so now I just hope and pray that my children don't pull on it... THAT would be embarrassing!