Tuesday, January 19, 2010

abstinence 101 (and an update on the dairy crisis)

That's right.  I'm now offering classes.

Want to ensure that your teenager doesn't become a young mom?  Send her over my way and I'll guarantee you won't be a grandma for a long time, with the help of these cute little teacher associates:

Yesterday one of our youth girls joined me for the day since she didn't have school.  After seeing...
  • how I had to change outfits twice before leaving the house due to baby vomit
  • how it takes roughly an hour just to get the kids bundled up and ready to head out the door 
  • how I ran into nearly every clothing rack in the stores trying to maneuver my enormous double stroller around
  • how trying to eat with one hand while handling a squirmy baby can be a great weight-loss plan
  • how being the sideshow at Old Chicago can be a little embarrassing, especially when your baby starts crying uncontrollably and you're pretty sure everyone's going to burst into applause when you finally get all 3 kids bundled back up and make your way out of the restaurant
  • how fun it is trying to pile all 3 kids back into the car, making sure they're buckled in and have their water bottles so they're not crying about how thirsty they are all the way back home 
... yes, after all these incidents (which of course are just part of a busy mom's daily life), plus many, many more "fun" mom-happenings throughout the day (like dirty diapers, messy faces, runny noses, etc., etc., etc.)....

The smart young teen told me she would never have babies, well... at least not for a long, long time!

One of her quotes of the day:  "How in the world do you do this by yourself all the time?"

I didn't have an answer ready for her right then, but after thinking about it, I realize how:  "Only by the grace of God."  Seriously.  I've had many times when I just didn't think I could do it.  I just wanted to lie in bed all day and hide under the blankets and ignore my responsibilities.  But then I remember Philippians 4:13: "I can do everything through him (Christ) who gives me strength."  Even juggle 3 little ones.

Oh, and an update on the dairy situation from my last post... I don't think it's a dairy problem after all (Thank goodness, because I was really, really missing my good friends, cheese and ice cream!)  And thanks to all of you who gave me some great advice or even just your sympathy.

Why this sudden change in diagnosis from his mother, who is completely educated in this area? (please note the sarcasm)  Well, I've been googling (of course a very reliable source of information) and have seen over and over again that if babies are lactose intolerant, they have constant diarrhea, but Tate hasn't had that.  He's had some runny diapers, but I think it's actually due to teething.  Which could also explain the fussiness and drooling and spitting up.

Do you want some proof of his teething symptoms?  No?  Well too bad... here it is:

Constant drool.  Cute, huh?

Hand always in the mouth.  Chews on everything.

Wish I could get pictures of the white bumps coming in under his gums, but it makes him too mad.  It's just weird to me that they're not the bottom front two, or even the top front two.  I'm pretty sure they're the canines!  Did any of your babies ever get their canines first?  Does this seem odd to you?
Please let me know!

At least he still has his handsome little smile.


This Heavenly Life said...

Oh, my niece got her canines first. It was adorable, never fear :)

Mama Foster said...

i have heard of babies getting their canines first and i heard its a lot worse than getting the front ones so i bet he is pretty miserable! josiah is working on his first teeth too! he's a slobbery/runny nosed/hand chewing baby right now as well!

peter marie said...

Hope those teeth get in fast and stop bothering that cute boy!

That picture of Millie holding him is adorable.

I have a hard time with two....so you with 3 is pretty amazing in my eyes too! :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Another quick cure for abstinence? A field trip to the labor and delivery ward in the hospital. They'll all be wearing chastity belts after that :)

Emily said...

Oh, I've heard the canines are a lot harder than the front ones too. Yikes! I hope they'll cut through fast and stop bothering your little guy. But...at least it wasn't the dairy!

LeAnna said...

Oh man! I remember manuevering that giant double stroller all too well! And, it's not like they make the isles wide or anything! I would get home and say, "I am never taking three kids under the age of 3, out again!" But, then I would catch myself out again, at the mall or something. I guess, us mommies sometimes have lost our minds, by the third one! Lol!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I have never heard them called "canines"...all I can imagine is poor Tate foaming at the mouth! My doctor always called them eye teeth--it means he's smart, that's what I've heard!

Elizabeth said...

Hey I heard on the news of the great dairy shortage of 2010 - did you singlehandedly do that? Wow, you DO like dairy.
Canines/eyeteeth/vampire - Tate is cute no matter what....and it is better for nursing mommies, ya know.
ANYWAY, I can't believe how fast Tate is growing....but even more than that, I can't believe how much MILLIE is growing! Wow - she is such a little girl! The picture of her holding Tate - she just looks so cute and BIG!

Amy Kramer said...

Super fun post! I love your kids... they are super adorable!
As far as the classes you're offering... I have a friend who works at a Christian pregnancy crisis center up in the Twin Cities... they don't sell birth control, but they promote abstinence. Finally, one of the moms said... fine, if you're not going to sell me birth control, I'll just take some abstinence!!!! HOW SAD is that, that she didn't know what it was?!
Keep the pictures coming!!!

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Oh man - I think I just found another favorite blog. :) I can just relate all over the place!! :) From the craziness of mommy life (I have four boys ages 7, 4, 3, and 3 months. Oh mama!! GOOD TIMES!!)I adore being a mom, but can some one say HARD WORK?!
My baby Kai has some reflux issues and I have cut out alot of dairy. Man do I miss milk. I wear baby spit up as a permanent accessory. It's al the rage these days you know.