Monday, July 27, 2009

a week of sorrow and celebration

Sunday night the girls and I returned home from a 10 day stay with the folks in good ol' Oskaloosa while Chad was away in Pennsylvania with the youth group.  It was great to be back "home" with mom and dad again, but we really missed Chad!  

It was a crazy week too.  Lots of ups and downs.  My grandpa hasn't been doing well for a long time and was getting really bad by the time we arrived.  The girls and I went to visit him in the nursing home and Addie and Millie sang songs to him and "read" to him, which he really seemed to like.  He wanted to hold their hands a lot and get kisses from them.  He had a really hard time talking, but he kept calling Addie, "big girl" and pointed to my tummy and said "baby boy" several times.  It was really sweet.  He passed away last Thursday morning, which was really a blessing for him.  I know that he loved and trusted in Jesus and so I know he is now up in heaven with my grandma and his daughter (who died at age 3 of a brain tumor).  I can just imagine how wonderful of a reunion that must be!  While it is sad for us, and especially my mother who spent day after day with him, we know he's much better off now.

I also celebrated my 30th birthday last week.  I thought I would wake up that morning and feel dreadfully old and decrepit.  (Well, I did feel decrepit, but that's probably because I have a tummy the size of a prize-winning pumpkin and can't sleep comfortably in ANY position... I've actually resorted to sleeping in the recliner now.)  But I actually didn't feel that much older.  I think it helped that Chad turned 30 first, so he paved the way for me.  My mom made sure to give me a great birthday since Chad couldn't be there.  She surprised me with flowers, balloons and presents when I woke up and a great breakfast!  Addie got to decorate my cake.  She did a lovely job arranging letters all over the place.

Millie knows how to get every last drop of ice cream out of that bowl!
Maybe she learned it from Addie.
Or possibly from Mommy.
Here I am at about 35 weeks.

We also had fun putting the girls in the Pigtail Contest at the Osky fair.  And they both got first place!  (although there really wasn't much competition...)  Addie won first place last year too, so now she's the reigning champ.  Just try and beat us next year.  I dare you.

Adeline won for the Most Unique Pigtails.  
It took an hour and 45 minutes to get this crazy hair-do!

Emilia won fist prize for the Blondest Pigtails.  They look a little more like horns...

Here they are with their prize bags.
So, that was our week in Osky.   Now I have to gear up for my huge jewelry party Thursday night.  So far I have 38 guests coming!  I'm very happy about that, but I think I'm going to have to have it outside for the sake of room.  So now I'm desperately praying that it doesn't rain!  Otherwise I'll have to somehow cram all those ladies into my living room, and that didn't work so well last year with only 25 guests!  I'll let you know how it goes...


Amy said...

You look GREAT Katie! I know you probably aren't feeling the best as it gets closer to the end!

I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa but glad to know he was a believer -- no more suffering for him!

Those pigtails crack me up! You are so creative!

by the way, I'd love to come to your party but we've got a crazy busy week going on here and tomorrow is the ONLY night that we have free -- so we're going to have some "family time" and just chill. I hope you have a good turnout, it sounds fun!!

Katie said...

If I had a daughter, I would sooooo beat you in the pigtail contest at the ever-prestigious Southern Iowa Fair ;)
No, you'd totally kick my butt :)

I've been praying for your family and mom, but definitely glad that your grandpa isn't suffering anymore!

une autre mère said...

Amy, thanks for the compliment - much appreciated these days as I waddle around. And I totally understand needing a good relaxing family night. We're in need of one of those too!

And Katie, thanks for your prayers for our family. They're working! And I'm so glad you don't have a daughter, because I sense some fierce competition. But hey, I never saw anything in the rule book about the pigtails having to be on girls...

Anonymous said...

And you think Jesse would let one (or any of his sons) have pig tails? I got shot down for suggesting tights for Hayden last winter when he wouldn't keep his socks on. It went something like this "If he comes home from your house wearing tights, he won't be going back."