Saturday, July 11, 2009

dancing queen

Nana and Papa B. came all the way up from New Orleans to visit with us last week.  Well, when I say "us," I mostly mean Addie and Millie of course!  We had a great time with them and got a lot of stuff done too!  Chad and his dad pulled out all of the overgrown evergreen trees and bushes behind our house and built steps coming off the back of our deck.  And Chad's mom painted over all the purple on the wall in the nursery with blue, so it'll be ready for the baby boy!  That was a HUGE blessing!  I was definitely not looking 

forward to that task, although my dear friend Abby had offered to come and help.  But now I don't have to think about it anymore!  Thanks, Elaine!

The girls were super excited about all the dress up clothes Nana brought up for them.  Below is a video of my dancing queen in some of her new outfits.  You'll notice a few times she catches a glimpse of herself in her vanity mirror and can't look away.  She's mesmerized by her own cuteness.  But my favorite part is when her toe gets stuck in the fringe of her flapper dress.  Good thing she's not old enough to be embarrassed that I'm posting this.  She loves this video!

All dressed up!

Wearing their matching patriotic dresses from Nana.

Waiting for the fireworks to begin.  It was the chilliest 4th of July we've had in a LONG time!

Snuggling with Nana

Reading with Papa

On their last day here we went to Union Park to ride the carousel.

A rainy day picnic

Catching raindrops on their tongues.


Amy said...

So cute Katie! That flapper dress is precious -- I've never seen anything like that!

Jenny said...

Oh, I love seeing pics of your family AND Mr. and Mrs. Brooks!!!

I was reading your comment to my last post, and I have an idea for something we can invent: little flip cards that you can keep in your car. When you happen upon an idiot driver, you can hold one of the cards up to your window for them to see: "You're an idiot driver" or "Hang up the pickin' cell phone" or "Turn off your pickin' blinker" or "USE your pickin' blinker..." I'll come up with the sayings, and you can come up with a cute way to print them, and we'll retire in style!

une autre mère said...

LOVE the flip cards idea! People need to know if they stink at driving, right? This is precisely why I don't have a Jesus fish on my car... so I can get as annoyed as I want and no one will think badly of Christians... jk :)

peter marie said...

I just now watched that video. So cute!!

That's awesome that your nursery is done~! Now I'll have to come over to help with something else before baby comes. :)