Friday, July 31, 2009

the beautiful number 2

Two.  Yes, that beautiful number put a smile on my face this morning.  That's how many centimeters I'm dilated already!  I know it's way too early to have this baby (I'm not even 36 weeks yet!), but I tend to dilate early so I'm not too concerned.  

I do have to have an ultrasound next week though because the baby was measuring a little small.  Small?  Really?  Have you seen this belly?  Most people who have seen me lately assume I'm going to pop any minute or am already overdue!  I'm not too concerned about measuring small either.  With my girls I measured small the entire last trimester and had to have "emergency ultrasounds" at every appointment.  They were always fine.

The real bummer is that the doctor ordered that I have to avoid any "strenuous activity" and to "lay low."  Darn.  Just when I was really gearing up to run that marathon I've been training for.  Actually, I'm glad last night's big party is over so I don't have to feel guilty about getting ready for that.  It was a great success, by the way.  39 ladies came!  I'll be posting pictures of that sometime in the near future.  I'd do it now, but I really don't want to overdo myself.  It might be too stressful.  I'd hate to go into labor for uploading pictures.  ;)


Amy said...

I measured "small" with Lily too and the doctor's kept telling me she was going to be a small baby -- no more than 7 pounds. She was 8 lbs. 3 oz. Sometimes I think they just act like they know what they're talking about :)

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, Katie, when I read your blog and the comments you make on 'bout you hop in your car (van, probably) and I'll hop in mine, and we'll meet somewhere between MI and IA. Because we're like best friend material, and we'd laugh an awful lot.