Tuesday, May 22, 2012

mother's day officially celebrated at last

So we finally got around to celebrating Mother's Day with my family.  It was perfect timing too, because my dad's cousins were here visiting from Holland!  I hadn't seen them in ages, like probably since high school!  So I guess it wasn't really that long ago, was it?  Ha! ;)

So the kiddos had lots of extra adults around to give them all the extra attention they craved.

They even got to play in the pool!
These two had so much fun. I think they forgot anyone else was even here!

Whereas the little ones got a little too chilly and needed some warming up.

The adults got some good conversation time in.

Anton and Yanni's (our relatives from the Netherlands) son and his wife are missionary doctors in Haiti, so we got to see a lot of great pictures of where they live and hear some very interesting stories.

We had such a great time catching up with them.  Wish we could've spent even more time with them!

And since this was a Mother's Day celebration, here's a picture of the world's best mom!

After all she's done for us, maybe one of us should've volunteered to scrape the dog poop off her shoes...
I think she was trying to teach us an important life lesson here: You gotta walk through a lotta crap as a parent, but it's totally worth it in the end (excuse my language).  Yup, pretty sure she did that on purpose.    She's always trying to teach us life lessons through visual imagery.  Great lesson, mom. Point taken.  ;)

Of course, the kids had lots of homemade cards for her!
Millie made her 3!

Even Tate made one (and he can't sit and color for longer than 30 seconds!)  

And Adeline made her a book full of Mother's Day poetry. :)

These kids sure love their Nana Lois!

And even though this Nana lives farther away, we could never forget about her!  She's dearly loved by us all as well and is such a wonderful mom, mother-in-law and nana!  We love you, Nana Brooks! See you soon!  :)

Hope you all got a chance to honor your mothers too! Have a great week!

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Hilary said...

looks like a lot of family fun! :)