Monday, July 23, 2012

2 months later...

So, yeah, I haven't updated this ol' blog in about 2 months... I think that may be a new record for me.  But we actually have done some stuff since May!  In fact, we've hardly been home, which is what I'm using as my excuse for not blogging.  :)

So, let me back up a few months (don't worry, I won't unload the whole 2 months in one post). 
After Chad was done teaching in May, we took a weekend, dropped our kids off at my parents' house and went to the Amana colonies.  For Christmas, my parents gave us a gift certificate for a room at the Zuber Homestead Hotel.  It was beautiful and so spacious and comfy! We will definitely stay here again!  Our room actually had 2 queen beds in it.  You can only see one in this pic:

On Friday afternoon, we thought it'd be fun to go to a few shops.  Then this happened:

And happened a little more:

But we didn't let that get us down! We just sat on a bench, relaxed and had fun hanging out.

And we enjoyed our fresh "squeaky" cheese we had just purchased at the General Store.

When the rain stopped, we ventured out for dinner at The Ronneburg.
 Where I had my long-awaited Chicken Schnitzel and spaetzle.

On Saturday, we enjoyed a rain-free day walking around the shops and eating more good food.  We ended the day with some ice cream.

Don't judge me by the size of my ice cream bites.

That next Sunday was the day before Memorial Day, so we dressed the kids up in their red, white and blue.

That night we decided to "camp" at our house.  We roasted hotdogs over the fire...

and ate them in our pop-up camper in the driveway.

The kids practiced sleeping after dinner.  We all slept in the camper that night while it rained.  This was the first time we'd had it open in the rain, so we were relieved to know it really is leak-proof! :)

But before bed, we played some bocce ball in the backyard.

And ended the night with stories and games around the campfire.  It was perfect!

Well, we made it through the rest of May.  Now I just have all of June and most of July to catch up on.  Stay tuned... ;)

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