Saturday, July 28, 2012

and then there was june...

June started out with lazy days spent splashin' around in the pool, riding bikes and scooters and sleeping in.

Then the madness started with Vacation Bible School. 

Adeline brought her good friend along all week and they had a blast together!

Millie also had a friend come with her and stuck pretty close to her cousin Ruby too!

And, of course, Tate had Harper.  :)
(FYI - it was crazy sock day... incase you were wondering)

Our favorite day was probably Backwards Day.

 That Friday night wrapped up our 2011-12 season of shows at the Civic Center.  This was also our last weekend before Chad left us for 2 weeks.  He got a new position teaching engineering at the high school this fall, so he had to go to U of I for a 2 week course.  
We decided to get tickets for next season again too.  We count this as gifts for each other for every holiday/event for the entire year.  Birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Mother's/Father's Day... you name it - we already have our gift for each other and it lasts all year! :)  We love it because it takes the pressure off of trying to buy the perfect gift for each other all the time.  Especially because Chad is so dang picky... ;)

That Saturday, we spent the afternoon at Big Creek, enjoying some quality time with Daddy.

On Sunday, which was actually Father's Day, we went to church and then it was time for Chad to leave. We said our goodbyes and he went to Iowa City and the kids and I headed down to my parents' house where we celebrated Father's Day, without Chad! *sniff*, and spent the week there too.

 Here's our Father's.  Aren't they a group of handsome men?

Addie and Clara felt pretty special eating at the "Big Girls' Table."

Millie, Ruby and Taryn built a huge staircase!

Me, my bros and my pa.
I really couldn't have a better dad!

We had a lot of fun at Nana and Baba's house that week.
 Addie wore matching shirts with Baba.  Or maybe hers is more of a dress?

We enjoyed the hot temps by running in the sprinkler.

Nana spoiled us with popsicles.

The kids repaid her by watering her flowers.

We went and fed the ducks at the pond with Kaiden and Taryn.

It was so exciting I could barely contain myself. :)

Actually, I was mostly excited about where we were going next...
We love our ICE CREAM!!!

The next week we headed back to our house, where we stayed for less than 4 days, and then left on the 29th to pick up Chad and headed to Michigan! 

Those pics coming next...

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H-Mama said...

hey there, pretty mama! how are ya? busy like this mama, i'm see. what a great lookin' group. i'm tucking in with thoughts of ice cream now. ;)