Tuesday, May 1, 2012

all we need is a may pole...

Ah, May Day! 
So glad our neighborhood kids celebrate this fun holiday.  I did growing up (with my elderly neighbor lady - she would drop baskets of candy off at my door and try to hobble away before I caught her - how adorable is that?!?), but when I married a Michigander, I was made to believe I was making the whole thing up.  It really is a holiday.  It really does involve baskets, candy and a maypole.  I'd love to give you the whole history here, but seriously... you can google that yourself.

So here we are, loaded up with "baskets" full of snacks, waiting to be delivered.

Off to the first unsuspecting neighbor's house...

 Don't worry little Tater... someday you'll be leading the pack! ;)

Back after a nearly successful drop-off.  I guess Tate was just a tad too slow...

Time to pick up another load!

This time I gave some helpful strategy... let Tate get a head start before you ring the doorbell.  And it worked.  They got off scott-free! Seriously, I think I should get paid a consulting fee.  Like maybe a few Skittles or something?  No?

And not only did we give baskets, but we also received plenty!

Happy May Day!  
Now please tell me at least some of you do this too! ;)


sara trosen said...

Ooooooh! My husband is from Minnesota and he thought I made it up too. Guess we are just weird Iowans.

Heidi said...

Never heard of actually celebrating it - besides what I've read in books. ;) Looks like the kids had fun! Who doesn't want to run around and give/get candy?? :)