Thursday, May 17, 2012

one lucky mama!

Mother's Day started for me last week Friday at Adeline's school.  

The first grade classes had their annual "Mother's Day Tea" where they invite all their moms to come to their class and then they surprise us with treats, homemade goodies, songs, poems and more!

My favorite part had to be this darling book she made for me.
It's a book all about me! Complete with adorable pictures! :)

They sang the sweetest songs and said the cutest poems.
I couldn't stop smiling the entire time.  Every single bit of it was so darn cute and sweet.  I have to admit my eyes did leak a little bit... but I wasn't the only one! ;)

And here is the best first-grade teacher in the entire world.  Hands down.  No arguing with me on this one!  She is truly the sweetest teacher ever.

Saturday morning Tate woke up at 1:30 with a high fever and then again at 4:30 with vomit. :(  Poor little guy.  I knew right then that our Mother's Day celebration with my parents and brothers' families scheduled at our house for the next day would probably have to be postponed.  Especially since I was terrified it might be hand, foot and mouth disease (that is going around like CRAZY here!)  Thankfully, it ended up just being a fever with no more vomit!  We cuddled together almost all day, which was really quite wonderful!  

Sunday morning, I kept Tate and Millie home with me (incase Tate was contagious and to keep Millie away from the dreaded hand, foot and mouth!).  When Chad and Addie came home from church, we headed out for a yummy Chinese lunch.  Then we spent the rest of the day hanging out in the yard and going for a walk.  It was so nice! 

The kids had already given me beautiful hand-made cards that morning, but that evening the kids surprised me with this big card they had picked out all by themselves. :)

They caught me by surprise when I was coming downstairs.  It was so cute to see them all lined up waiting for me. :)

One very blessed mama!

So, Mother's Day may be over, but we still have a celebration to look forward to on Sunday!

Onto the rest of the week... the weather has been soooo gorgeous here!
 We spent some time at one of the parks here in town with our neighbor girl (and good friend!) Stephanie.

She let Tate fish with her and guess what....
  they caught a fish!

She took it off and let them touch it.
Then they threw it back in and tried for some more.

Millie and I watched from the sidelines with great anticipation!

 Here they are throwing food to the ducks.  You can't see them now, but they came at us in droves.  There were probably 30-40 encircling us, quacking loudly for our bread. It was a little freaky. I couldn't even get a picture of it because the kids were holding onto me so tightly.  They liked it, but were a little scared at the same time.  When the bread was gone, it was hard to convince them to move on.  I think they thought we were holding out on them. 

They did finally leave us in peace so we could focus on this adorable little family instead.  They were much less threatening.

So, there are a few of my highlights from this week.  Hope you're enjoying this gorgeous weather too!

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