Tuesday, November 29, 2011

so long, fall

 I realize that fall doesn't officially end for another 21 days or so, but once Thanksgiving is over, fall might as well be too.  December just doesn't sound or feel like a fall month.  

So here's my official "So long" salute to the season that brought us...

*a beautiful all-kid-made leaf centerpiece*

 *cute brown corduroy outfits*
 I guess it also brought us the big scab under Millie's nose... aka "Millie's face meets the sidewalk."  Ow.

*special moments shared with family*

 *an endless supply of leaves*

 *a fun daddy who rakes up all the leaves, just to let the kids scatter them all about again*

*a Thanksgiving Dinner with loved ones*

*a grandpa who hides around corners scaring kids and tickling them relentlessly*

*a grandma who plays soccer with the young'uns until she's plum out of breath*

"Run, Nana, Run!"

 Addie reminding Nana of the rules of soccer.

 *precious time spent with cousins*

There you have it.  My fall wrap-up.  Now our tree is up and Christmas music is playing.  As much as I hate to admit it, snow will soon be falling and temperatures will be plummeting.  Time to usher in winter!

Hope you all had a lovely fall!


Elizabeth said...

LOVE these pictures. Found myself doing the geeky smile-at-the-computer as someone walks by and looks at me. :)

peter marie said...

And here I thought I saw the leaf idea on a blog somewhere when it was actually the one I saw at your house!! :) love all the fun pictures!

Hilary said...

so many fun pictures! your family is so sweet. :)

H-Mama said...

such family-fun-fall pictures. well... except for the part about millie's sidewalk adventure. poor baby. stupid sidewalk. she is still completely adorable in her glasses.

run, nana, run... love it. :)