Tuesday, November 15, 2011

easy breezy crafty lanterns

Yesterday we were in desperate need for a fun, easy craft.  So, I scoured my Family Fun magazine and found this little ditty.

So easy.  And the kids love it because it's messy, but little do they know it's a "contained" messy.

First, get some glass jars.

Then tear up tissue paper into 1-2 inch strips (or if you have older kids, they could handle even smaller strips).

Fill a bowl with white glue (we used Elmer's).

Let the kiddos paint the outside of the jar with the glue.

 Then just start sticking on the tissue paper.

Even my little 2-year old can do it.
If the glue starts to dry, just paint some more on.  No biggie.

Addie made hers when she came home from school.

While the glue dries, run out to your local Dollar Tree and pick up a 3-pack of battery-operated tea lights.  (Or pick up two packs just incase you get a dud.)

Then plop the the candles in the jars and watch them light up the night.

Guaranteed to light up some little faces too!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Cute! Love Tate's little hot pepper apron, too!

peter marie said...

What a fun idea! You're such a sweet mommma.
My future son-in-law is looking way too old!