Monday, November 14, 2011

our "wicked" awesome hot date

Have I ever told you how awesome my husband is?  
Oh, I have?  Oh... well, too bad, you're gonna hear it again.  He knows how much I LOVE "the theater", so for my birthday present this past summer (and Christmas present and Valentine's and Mother's Day gift...) he got us season tickets to the Broadway series playing at the Des Moines Civic Center.  So we get to see five broadway shows this year!  This is totally a dream come true for me!  And such a shocker, because I'm sure I've probably also mentioned before how, um... let me put this gently... "frugal" he is as well.  ;)

This past Friday began our first of the shows.  We started the night with dinner at The Royal Mile.
Super good English food!  If you ever eat here and you're looking for a more "restauranty" feel instead of "bar-y," just go upstairs.  Great atmosphere up there!

Then we walked on over to the Civic Center to see Wicked.  This was my second time seeing it, and Chad's first, so I couldn't wait to hear what he thought about it since I loved it soooo much!  And he really enjoyed it too, just like I knew he would.  I think I can say for both of us that if you're going to see one Broadway musical in your entire lifetime, this should be it.  Seriously.

The best part - we had tickets in row C!  They were on the side, but we could still see practically everything!  Plus, we could see backstage, so we got to witness some costume changes and cool technical stuff.  And, best of all, watching the spit fly from the actors' mouths... okay, so maybe I could've done without that...

The rest of our season tickets are back in row GG (30 rows back), so we got a little spoiled for our first show.

And we couldn't have enjoyed such a relaxing, fun night out without free babysitters!  Thanks, mom and dad! :)

Oh, and not to rub it in to all my Iowa-fan friends (because I myself am one), but MSU did spank Iowa this weekend, and Chad got to be an eye-witness to the whole thing (thanks to his nice friend Joe!).

Just to warn ya... I've been soooo lazy about blogging lately and I have a ton of things I wanna post, so stay tuned... you're in for a blog run.  Lucky you.  ;)

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Sounds wicked awesome!!