Monday, May 2, 2011

losing her baby-ness

She thought it would never happen.

I was hoping maybe it wouldn't have to happen.  

Maybe she could just stay little forever.  Maybe somehow we could stop the natural cycle of life and freeze her at this stage forever.

But, inevitably, the day came.  Her first baby tooth finally came out, and an "adult" tooth was already growing into it's place.

"Adult" tooth.  Really?


But she was giddy with excitement at this sign of her ever-maturing self.

It happened at Nana and Baba's house on Easter, which made this already amazing day even that much more memorable.  I wish I had a way to somehow tie in the loss of a tooth with the resurrection of our Savior, but I'm at a loss here.  ;)

 Luckily for her, the tooth fairy also visits Nana and Baba's house when a tooth is lost there, so on top of her Easter loot, she also made off with a gold dollar from Silver Dollar City.  I'm guessing the tooth fairy resides near Branson?

Nana was the brave one who pulled it out.  Chad and I had tried, but we were inexperienced in this area and feared hurting her.  Whereas Nana had much experience with the sort, and yanked it right outta there.

Later that evening back at home, we got out the Tooth Fairy pillow my sister-in-law made (you can get one too from her and my friend Abby's soon-to-open Etsy shop, Holly Bloom.. they make lots of fun and cute crafty stuff, from skirts to hair bows to pillows and more!)

Addie tucked her tooth inside the cute little pocket on the back along with a letter she had written to the tooth fairy several weeks before when her tooth first showed signs of wiggling.  In her letter, she asked if she could possibly keep her first tooth as a keepsake.

The next morning, she was thrilled to find a dollar bill, her tooth, and a note from the tooth fairy inside the pocket!

This sentimental mama was excited too that the tooth fairy granted Addie's wishes and let her keep her baby tooth.  It seems like only yesterday when that tooth was first making it's appearance in my sweet little baby's mouth.  

And now my baby's growing up.  

And there's nothing I can do about it.

So I guess I'll try and make the most of all these precious little girl moments before they're gone and the "adult" ones show up in their place.

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