Monday, April 25, 2011

our Easter week (warning: picture overload!)

What a busy crazy pre-Easter week!  We started off our celebration last weekend when my parents came up to take us out for Chad's birthday.  (Yes, I realize it was about a month late, but we've been busy!)

My mom was a good sport and colored eggs with the girls.  Good thing she did, because their mommy had almost forgotten that Easter was approaching and hadn't even thought about that yet!

After the weekend, we had a busy week with activities every evening, except Thursday, which was good since we were recovering from Tate's incident.  And I ended up with a killer headache that started when Tate got hurt and didn't end until Saturday.  Sorry for anyone who had to be around me those days.  I'm sure I was totally cranky and annoying.  I swear that wasn't the real me!  (Just don't ask Chad...)  ;)

Friday morning we were all exhausted still (and my head was still throbbing), but I had been promising Millie all week that we'd see the Easter bunny.  And Friday morning was our last chance, so we headed out to the mall.  I believe this was the first time Millie hasn't been terrified to be this close to the bunny.

She was even willing to pose with another bunny at our church for our big Easter Extravaganza this past Saturday.  And Addie was thrilled since school had caused her to miss out on the mall bunny.

Tate wasn't quite as thrilled to see the bunny.

 Our church hosted a big Easter egg hunt with lots of fun games and big inflatables.  And yes, they did of course talk about the REAL meaning of Easter.  A super important part of the whole morning.  :)

Looks like our family had an advantage in the Cake Walk.

 Addie got a tattoo by our resident tattoo artist.

Sunday morning started with fancy outfits and an Easter egg hunt at our house.

 Then we took off for church where we were reminded of the awesome forgiveness of our Savior and his glorious resurrection!  If you want to hear a really great message, click here!

After church, we drove down to my hometown for a yummy Easter dinner with my parents.  They, of course, offered to take a family picture of us, which was good since I had tried to coordinate our outfits (I know - I'm a dork!), although Chad refused to wear a salmon or peach-colored shirt .  But really, what's the use of trying to coordinate outfits if there are no photos to account for it?  ;)

And then there was another Easter egg hunt!
And there were more than just eggs to find!

Once Tate got a few eggs in his bucket, he got a kick out of emptying it and putting the same ones back in.  I'm not sure he understood the purpose of the hunt...

Millie has been so sweet lately.  In the picture below, she's bringing a football egg to Tate because she knew he'd like it.  She also brought one of her sparkly eggs to Addie too, knowing big sister loves sparkles.  :)

Meanwhile, Addie was behaving in a very competitive manner, searching every nook and cranny for those tricky hidden eggs.  Wonder where she got that from...
Although she can be competitive, she is also very sweet and helped her little siblings find eggs too (once she had no room for any more).  ;)

What?!  How did those eggs get way up in the trees?  That must be one tall Easter bunny!

Everyone's got a full bucket!

Us girls gabbed in the kitchen while unloading the loot,

while the guys talked about... um, well, I guess whatever guys talk about... and threw around Tate's new football.

And that was our week.  Hope you all had a fabulous week and took time to reflect on the real meaning of the season.  Here are a few posts that I thought did a great job of reflecting on the day:



Lenae said...

Cute pictures! You did a fantastic job with the outfits (my husband totally would've refused the same colors too!)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Hilary was just the bomb-diggity with those tattoos!
I love all of your fun pictures! Your kids were SO stinkin' cute yesterday!

H-Mama said...

how have i been missing your posts? must catch up! all of you look absolutely lovely in your coordinated outfits. {good job, mom} ;) bunnies and tattoos. sounds like a great easter-y super fun time to me. :) {and thanks for the linky. sweet.}