Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring break - take one

I promised pictures, but I didn't realize how many I wanted to post... (we had a busy week!) so I'm breaking this up into a couple of posts to spare you the boredom of the forever-long slideshow.  Nobody wants to be the forever-long slideshow guy, and I'm afraid I'm cutting it pretty close here.

Spring break started out with Tate getting a new quilt for his new (free!) bed!  No, he's not in his big-boy bed yet, but this bed was given to us a few months ago (for which we are sooo grateful!) and I'd been eyeing this quilt at Target so I was really excited when it went on a big sale!

Nana and Papa B drove down to spend a few days with us.  The girls love it when Nana brings crafts and this time she didn't disappoint.
 Nana and the girls made super yummy shamrock suckers and chocolate-covered pretzel rods.
Oh yum!!

 Chad liked them so much, he ate 6 at a time!

One of the highlights of Nana and Papa's stay was when they took us to Incredible Pizza.  If you have never been, you need to go!  I was nervous the first time we went, thinking it would be like Chuck E. Cheese (ugh), but trust me.. it's like 200% better!

I mean really, how many places can you rock out to the oldies...

take a rocket to the moon...

drive a Busytown car...

ride a carousel...

take in a drive-in movie, complete with yummy pizza, salads, and other good buffet food...

beat your daddy and little sister in the races...
 (sorry for the blurriness... we were just going so stinkin' fast)

and drive bumper cars...
... all at the same place?!
 We also ran into my brother Travis and his family there too, which was crazy since they live an hour away.  And it was on a Monday.  Go figure.  I guess it's true what they say... "Great minds think alike," or in this case, genius minds.  ;)
(And no, Incredible Pizza didn't pay me to boast about them.  Although I wouldn't be opposed...)

We also celebrated Chad's birthday a little early with his parents (it's actually today!).
No, he's not turning 311 (although that was the number of one of our first apartments and the name of a good band).  His mom was just creative in coming up with the "2" for "32."

And I'll end this post with this sweet sight...
Papa carrying the girls to bed.  No wonder he has hip trouble!  :)

So, there you have it.  Our first half of spring break.  The next post will have pics of the overnight trip we went on.  I know, you can't wait, can you?!  I'll try not to keep you hanging too long.  ;)

And Happy Birthday, Chad!  


Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

a) I LOVE Tate's new quilt (what's NOT to love about Target - and big sales??). Love his bed too. How great to have all that storage underneath.

b)I think we need an Incredible Pizza here. Fore real. It look so stinkin' fun!

c) All of those delicious treats look amazing! Wow. So crafty and attractive.

d) You are not forever-long-slide show-guy. Personally I love when people post pictures. But maybe I am just a stalker at heart. That's a whole nother post.

Oh wait, this isn't MY post. It's your post. This is just a comment.

Why yes I have been stuck in a house with four little people with sicknesses for about 2 weeks, on and off. I don't get out much. This is my socialization.

The end.

Nicole said...

I love Tate's room! And that quilt is adorable! I also like Incrediable Pizza. We went last year for Sean's birthday. Aren't Grandma's so much fun? Glad you had such a fun week. Will be looking forward to your next post.

peter marie said...

Wow-looks like a blast!! Glad you guys were able to have such a fun spring break after your weeks of yucky sickness.

I love Tate's quilt...totally adorable!

H-Mama said...

Tate looks like such a big boy on his newly quilted bed. Too cute!

They have such a fun Nana. :) And we love us some Incredible Pizza, too. 200 x's better indeed.

Sending Happy Birthday wishes!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I had to laugh at Wendi's comment because I'm about to do the same thing :) Clearly I need to get out of the house a little this week :)


1) Tate's quilt. so cute...nuff said :)

2) Ditto to the fun Grandma crafts!

3) Is it just me or is Addie looking awfully grown up these days?

4) I've heard so much about the Incredible Pizza place and now I reaallly want to try it.

I'm done now :)