Monday, March 14, 2011

alive... but barely

I think this may be the longest I've gone without blogging.  But really... what's it to ya?  ;)

I'll give you my excuses, although I'm sure you'll just roll your eyes and say, "Big deal."  But here they are anyways...

* Addie got pinkeye.
* Tate got pinkeye.
* Addie had a bad cold.
* Tate had that bad sinus stuff complete with fevers.
* Mommy had that bad sinus stuff complete with fevers too and awful headaches. Really awful headaches.
* Tate got pinkeye AGAIN.
* Tate was fussy.  Really fussy.
* Tate had double ear infection.  :(
* Mommy was just plain too tired to blog.

So, yes, I know I could've managed to blog within this time, but they would've just been whiney posts about how tired I was and how sick everyone was.  Wasn't it better to just get it in a list instead?

I promise to post something better soon.  Why, it's spring break here so I'm bound to have cute pictures up soon!  Stay tuned...


Nicole said...

So glad you are all feeling better.Those sinus headaches are the worst.

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Yuck, yuck, more yuck, and I am SO sorry. :( We have had the yucky snot-everywhere and fevers going on over here for a full week. No fun.

Better days ahead, yes?

H-Mama said...

Bless your heart. Hope everyone is 100%. That stuff will knock a mama out for sure. Maybe a spring break will help you feel caught up. ;)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Barely is right! I'm so sorry! I should NOT have mentioned that we'd missed all the junk going around--it found me! :( I'm actually glad it hit during spring break so it's not shameful if we sit in our pj's all day!
Can't wait to see some fun pictures!

Lenae said...

Oh, I don't blame you for not blogging! What a rough go you've had!

Enjoy your break! I look forward to the promised cute pictures! :D

Anonymous said...

You are so cute. Glad your family is feeling lots better at last. Titus is looking forward to his next playdate. And so am I. Excited for picnic weather. Hawkeye Park, here we come! :) --Jess