Friday, December 17, 2010

my cart smells like pee

That's what I said to my cashier this morning at Target.

"Did you say pee?" he asked suspiciously.

"Yes," I replied.  "It reeks of pee and I promise you that it is not from my children.  I have checked them several times throughout our shopping trip, trying to figure out why I kept smelling pee, and they have no pee smell on them.  It's just the cart."

I failed to mention that I also kept wondering if I had peed my pants too.  I was pretty sure I would've noticed that, but it was such a strong smell that it really seemed like it had to be fresh pee.

I wasn't sure how to handle this situation.  Should I alert someone to the fact that the cart has obviously been peed on, or do I just keep quiet and pass it on to the next unsuspecting customer?  I almost did the latter, but as I was signing for my purchase, I decided to blurt it out.

I was quite amused by the reaction it caused.  Within 10 seconds I had 2 other Target employees at my side, smelling the cart while I assured them too that it was definitely not me or my children.  They, of course, smelled the strong urine odor as well and whisked the cart away, hopefully to be thoroughly disinfected.

Yup, that's all I've got.  My cart smelled like pee and I decided to tell you about it, although I'm not completely sure why.  I really hope you find something better to do with the rest of your afternoon.  ;)  I'm off to wrap presents while little ones rest.


Amy Kramer said...

So Miss Katie... why didn't you get a new cart when you first noticed the pee smell??!! ;)

I do think that was good of you to bring it to their attention. That's nasty!

une autre mère said...

Okay, Miss Amy - good question. I kept thinking it was Tate's diaper or that Millie had peed a little or something. By the time I realized it wasn't them, we were on the way far side of the store as the carts. Does that satisfy your curiosity? :)

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness! I was wondering the same thing while laughing and reading this. "Why didn't get you a new cart?" I probably wouldn't have gotten a new one either if I was on the other side of the store.

Deborah said...

Eww! I will be smelling & sanitizing my carts now before I get the boys out of the car ;)

Amy Kramer said...

Yes, curiousity is officially satisfied! :)

That is super gross, though. I think from now on I'll make my kids walk! :)

Anonymous said...

That is nasty. It makes you wonder why the first person didn't alert an employee to the problem when the situation first happened!